The experts at Practical Motorhome are here to help you experience the most enjoyable tour possible, as we provide the answers to four common questions beginners may have. Whether you’re stuck on the type of ‘van you can drive, want to know about speed limits, or are wondering where to park your motorhome, we’re here to help. You can also head to our guide to motorhome driving tips for beginners too, where we explain how you can enjoy a safe and relaxed experience on the road.

Which motorhome can I drive?

Did you pass your driving test before 1 January 1997?

You can drive a motorhome up to 7500kg on your B+C1 licence. When you reach 70, you must submit a medical form to renew your licence to continue driving a ’van over 3500kg, and do this every three years.

Did you pass your driving test after 1 January 1997?

You can drive a motorhome up to 3500kg on your B [car] licence. To drive a motorhome heavier than 3500kg, you must take a C1 test.

What are the speed limits for motorhomes?

In the UK, motorhomes with an unladen weight of more than 3050kg are restricted to the following speeds:

  • Built-up areas – 30mph
  • Single carriageways – 50mph
  • Dual carriageways – 60mph
  • Motorways – 70mph

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How do I load my motorhome correctly?

Heavy items, such as TVs and boxes of wine, should be stowed low down and as close to the floor as possible; medium-weight items, such as clothing, should go below head height. Only lightweight items should be stored in overhead lockers. If your ’van has a rear garage, do not exceed the manufacturer’s stated weight limit.

Where can I park my van?

Check there are no parking zone bylaws before street-parking your motorhome. Many public car parks have height barriers of approximately 1.85–2m, so only small campervans will be able to pass underneath. As the standard UK parking space measures 4.8 x 2.4m, most ’vans will need more than one parking bay: check signage for how to proceed.

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