Phantom Ltd has been purchased by Dutch company Moving Intelligence.

The move, which went through on 12 October, should provide both better value and a more diverse product range to UK customers.

Phantom was founded in 2002 by Stephen and Simon Cherry, with the aim of creating ‘cost-effective and reliable track and trace systems for motorhomes, caravans and cars’. Since then, the company has been expanding its range to offer cutting edge security for all vehicles.

Moving Intelligence offers ‘market-leading security and management software for mobile property’. Purchasing Phantom will now mean the company protects nearly 100,000 connected moving objects, with the plan being to increase this to 250,000 over the coming years.

The brand is planning to introduce the UK market to their Dutch and German products to add to the items already offered by Phantom.

Moving Intelligence CEO Patrick Horse, said: “We are very pleased to be able to take over Phantom Ltd. The acquisition means that we are making a big step forward in expanding the boundaries of our market. The product range of Phantom Ltd., which distinguishes itself in the leisure vehicle market, is a welcome addition to our Dutch product range. On the other hand, our automotive solutions are particularly suitable for integration into the UK market.”

“With combining product ranges, we will create added value for the UK consumers and businesses, which will ultimately lead to an even stronger position on the UK market. In addition, in the field of fleet management, there is still a world to be won in the United Kingdom.”