This top-of-the-range offering from Vango is fixed (as opposed to drive-away), with inflatable poles. It comes complete with items you sometimes pay extra for elsewhere (the only options are the usual annexe, carpet and so on).

Vango talks of four “sizes” for the Montelena, although this refers to the choice of fixing heights: 235-295cm. This is the mid-range Large.

Backing poles and a choice of pads are standard, giving a tight, draught-free fit to your ‘van’s sides. Tensioning straps mean you can level things up on even ground.

The Montelena comes with steel rock pegs, suitable for all conditions, plus plastic pegs for the groundsheet – and there’s a mallet.

In addition, there’s the SkyLiner, Vango’s name for the extra layer of roof fabric that helps reduce the effects of condensation and heat.

Also standard are clip-on storm straps, and there are additional bracers for the roof for even more stability.

The dual-action pump is taller and slimmer than many, but that means less bending over. And Vango’s AirSpeed valve is easier to use than some, locking shut and opening automatically when you connect the pump.

The main fabric is Vango’s proven Sentinel Luxe Taslan, a double-weave ripstop polyester enhanced by a new dyeing process which, Vango claims, offers great resistance to UV light.

There are five entry pooints to the Montelena – two lots of side doors and a front section that can roll back from either side. So if you have the annexe option, you still get a door on that side.

Typically, side and front panels can be removed, if it’s just a shelter you want. Or there are partly open options, depending on how much ventilation and/or privacy you prefer. There’s also plenty of window space, and skylights in the roof.

Both smaller side doors have mesh and all windows have curtains. SkyTrack hanging points for lights, storage pockets and more offer plenty of flexibility.