A motorhome awning that isn’t a driveaway awning? Apparently so. Prima, the accessories arm of Bailey Caravans, says it has produced this awning in response to demand from customers, particularly those with larger motorhomes. 

It seems such people feel that, once they have arrived on site, they are unlikely to move before leaving and would prefer to have something with a large airy roof. 

That’s why this awning is 3m deep, allowing you much more space than you would find on your average motorhome awning. Made of a 300-denier nylon/polyester mix, it comes in two heights, to match that of your motorhome – L (250 – 265cm) and XL (265-280cm). And it comes in three sizes: 260, 330 and 390. Our test model was the 260L.

Despite its bulk. we found the Infinity went up rapidly, even on a blustery day. We particularly like the bungee toggles instead of ladders at ground level: it makes pegging out so much easier. 

The air-inflation system uses a single-action hand pump, supplied with the awning, but it is designed in such a way that individual beams can be isolated or inflated individually to perfect the shape. 

With this type of awning, sometimes the rail doesn’t allow the air beam to fit snugly against the vehicle. Prima has got around that problem by providing a pouch into which you fit pads to fill the gap. There is also padding to prevent the support pole marking the motorhome. 

Along with the main air beams you get cross beams – four on our model, but six on the 390. The huge sense of space you get once the awning is fully erect is enhanced by the skylights, which can be shut off if the sun is in the wrong direction. There are two corner vents to let fresh air in, while the side doors can be replaced with mesh. All the doors are fully removable.