The idea of electric bikes and scooters for motorhome owners who like to leave their ‘van on site has become very popular. There’s plenty on the market to choose from, so finding the one that best suits your budget and needs can be a bit daunting. We were loaned a model to test by Nuneaton-based company Eskuta. Designed exclusively in the UK and assembled at the company’s manufacturing base, the Eskuta SX-250 e-bike is a very stylish example of this increasingly popular form of transport.

E-bikes in general have been steadily improving in range, making owning one even more appealing.

Eskuta told us the SX-250 is cheap to run and easy to ride, as evidenced by its growing use among the fast food delivery couriers!

In terms of looks, the SX-250 is more like a small moped than a scooter. It is available in several colours; our test model was finished in blue and came with the optional top box and mobile phone holder.

The SX-250 can carry two people (although it’s a little bit tight for space), with rear foot rests for the passenger.

Battery located under the seat, can be removed for charging

The battery, located under the locked seat, can be taken out or left on the bike for charging. The charger unit is stored in the bike’s front locker, below the digital speedometer, which also shows the battery charge.

Excellent LED headlight, with LED indicators fitted on either side

The Eskuta has the usual indicators, horn and steering lock, plus an ear-piercing alarm. There are side and centre stands when you stop to park, too. All of the lights are LEDs. There’s a front disc brake, and pedals are also fitted, so you can pedal the ultra-low geared SX to make it go faster and help up slopes.

Front disc brake pulls the SX up well and there’s a rear drum brake

The seating position is comfortable and getting started is easy, with a twist and go operation, just like a petrol moped. Even if you’re not used to riding an e-bike, you should have no problem getting accustomed to the SX, although a quiet bit of road is recommended for a few practice runs.

This is a nippy little bike, and you do need to get used to starting and stopping – it can feel very quick at first.

Good suspension copes well with any road imperfections

We tried out the SX along a bridle path, with a few rough places, but the bike’s suspension coped well and generally gave a good ride.

Nipping to the shops was an absolute breeze, and the more you use the SX, the better you’ll find it.

It’s easy to handle and looks very smart, too. But we think a major plus point for motorcaravanners is the fact that this bike is easy to charge, using a mains power socket and fully charging in just six hours.

Even with two up, the 250W motor coped well. Using the Eskuta for several weeks on various surfaces, we got to know and like it – the top speed of 16mph meant it kept up with town traffic very well, too.

Easy to ride and low-cost to run, the Eskuta SX250 is well worth a look.

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