German budget brand Sunlight is including a reconfigured van conversion, an island bed in a compact van and an ultra-short overcab among other new features for its 2021 season.

The reconfigured van conversion is the Cliff 640, which now has a rear section with two single beds that can be reached independently of each other. There’s also a special slot that  can carry a bicycle of up to 29 inches in size at the foot of the bed. If you would prefer, this can be easily removed so you can put a surfboard in the space available instead.

Like all Cliff models, the 640 is available in Sandbar finish on the inside, or as an option with the more earthy colours of the Maui finish.

The V69, meanwhile, is the first layout with an island bed in the Vans range, the compact range designed for city lanes and windy roads that Sunlight launched in 2019. With an overall length of 6.86m, it has a bulkhead designed to create a division between the bedroom and the lounge, but a waist-high wardrobe should also allow for open vision throughout the van.  Like all Vans models, the V69’s interior is finished in Sandbar style.

The T69 LC, meanwhile, is Sunlight’s first low-profile model with facing settees in the front lounge – with the C in the van’s nomenclature standing for the additional couch. The settees are long enough for six people to sit around the foldaway table, once the cab seats have been swivelled, and they also convert into two forward-facing travel seats for when you are on the road. As with all low-profile models this season, the T69 LC includes a backlit surround for the kitchen window and a backlit headboard for the island bed at the rear, as well as a new strip above the bed incorporating spotlights and USB sockets.

The A60 is Sunlight’s first ever overcab model coming in at less than 6m. With an overall length of 5.94m, extra living space has been achieved by making the cab seats swivel and by designing an overcab bed that can be folded up with just one hand. This latter feature will now be included in all Sunlight overcabs. The wardrobe next to the transverse bed in the rear of the vehicle includes a step to make it easier to get into the bed.

The Sunlight A-class range doesn’t include any new layouts, but not to be outdone A-class cabs have been kitted out with black doors, side walls and A-pillars.

The company is continuing with its Adventure special edition vans across all of its ranges. These come with a metallic black finish on the outside, matching interior styling, and extra spec which includes a multimedia package, cab air conditioning, a leather steering wheel and cruise control.

Two Isofix fittings are now included as standard in all vans, while all fixed beds come with slats, while travel seats in many models have been ergonomically improved.

An optional Active Package available on low-profile and A-class models will get you an awning and and a bike carrier in black.