Chausson is a pioneer in the motorhome world, with layouts that are unique on the market!

The best-selling ‘Maxi-lounge’ range offers an electric drop-down bed as standard; it slides away during the day to leave space for a roomy lounge.

This bed – the main sleeping area in the motorhome – drops down to a low position for easy access.

It also allows space for a huge bathroom that’s equipped with an outstanding dressing area, a large kitchen, an extra-large entrance door and a garage for two bikes.

Drop-down beds

Four layouts are available. If you’re looking for a compact motorhome, the 650 will be ideal for you – it comes in at less than 6.4m in length.

The 640, meanwhile, is the best-seller of the four: it has an outstanding 160cm-wide bed in a spacious body that is under 7m in length.

Unique on the market, the 630 is the same as 640, featuring twin drop-down beds, and is under 7m in length.

If you’re looking for a truly family-friendly motorhome, you should opt for the 720. It has a 160cm-wide bed at the front, and bunk beds at the rear – and all of this comes in a motorhome that’s less than 7.2m in length.

All models are equipped with the SmartLounge concept: each of the two bench seats can quickly be transformed into comfortable, Isofix-certified seats for road travel.

Comfort above all

As well as the spaciousness of these models, there’s masses of comfort to enjoy, thanks to the IRP conception: a high-quality structure for better insulation, resistance and protection.

This concept allies a protective polyester (GRP) skin, and a combination of wood and composite to make an extra-thick floor and roof, to create a really water-tight shield – it’s among the best in the market.

What’s more, all Chausson models are Grade III certified, the highest insulation level on the motorhome market. They’re designed to face severe winters and keep you cool during the summer heat.

As one of the largest imported brands in the UK, Chausson is NCC-approved and develops models with full UK specification, such as powerful diesel heating and ovens as standard.

Four brand new layouts

For 2021, Chausson is focussing on the best-selling ‘Maxi-lounge’ range, and adding four brand-new layouts to the line-up.

If you’re looking for an island-bed motorhome, you’ll love the 648; it’s less than 7m long and offers a 160cm-wide bed, and a face-to-face SmartLounge.

The 788 model is longer – although it’s still less than 7.2m in length – and has the same layout plus a transverse double-door washroom.

The 777GA, meanwhile, is similar to the 788 (again, less than 7.2m in length) with large twin beds (at 90cm wide) and huge, 2159-litre garage.

Chausson has also developed the 644 (less than 7m long), a unique layout with five forward-facing seats for travel, and a transverse double bed.

All of these models are available in the three brand-new finishes: First Line, Titanium VIP and Titanium Premium.

Low profiles: a selection of three configurations

First Line, the first level, includes all the essentials as standard, but adds even more: air conditioning, double airbags, cruise control, panoramic skylight, and other great features.

Only available on the Ford chassis (with 130hp engine), the entry price still includes IRP construction; whatever the level of equipment, Styrofoam insulation, a 64mm-thick floor, a 55mm-thick roof, and reinforced GRP on the roof and under the floor all come as standard.

The second level includes the previous equipment, and adds even more functionalities: this new VIP version of the popular Titanium has the Fiat 140hp engine under the bonnet, complete with an automatic gearbox; the motorhome also has grey side panels. It comes equipped as standard with 16-inch alloy wheels and Traction+ on Fiat.

The third level includes all previous equipment, and adds even more elegance: the Titanium Premium models (featuring the Ford 170hp engine with automatic gearbox) are improved thanks to standard equipment such as a luxury door with cab/accommodation central locking, an even more comfortable mattress, wraparound cab blinds, 16-inch alloy wheels and more.

These three special series are completed by a fourth special series, in Chausson’s van conversions: 33 Line.

Van conversions: a special series

33 Line is a numbered edition special series that was launched in 2019.

The two layouts (V594 and V697) are still equipped with the 140hp Fiat chassis, 16-inch alloy wheels, LED DRL, wraparound cab blinds and more. These are now fitted as standard in the Maxi Cab, for more space in the cab.

You can find details of all special series on the Chausson website.

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