ITALIAN BRAND AUTO-ROLLER is gaining popularity in Britain and Auto-Trail imports several of its ranges of coachbuilt motorhomes.

Until 1996 Auto-Roller was a British family business, making both touring caravans and motorcaravans. It was taken over by the Italian-owned CI Group and later the production of its motorhomes transferred to one of Europe’s biggest motorhome factories.
Even the CI Group (Caravan International) came from our shores originally. It was a UK-based conglomerate of caravan and motorhome manufacturers led by Sam Alper. Sadly it collapsed in 1994, but the Italian importer bought the name and is still producing successful Auto-Roller motorhomes. 


Auto-Roller- once the entry-level range – has gone up in the world. The ‘vans are now so much better equipped that they’re now mid-range value-for-money coachbuilts. The signature contemporary rich dark wood cabinetwork with ivory

coloured white high-gloss locker doors continues. Better kitchen

equipment is welcome, though more importantly the improvement in base

level kitchen storage has addressed what some felt was the Achilles’

heel of the ranges – that is, a lack of storage in the galley. Finally,

detail improvements such as a new water filler and 230V hook-up plus

enhancements to the Lux Packs push all the right buttons.


The new improved Auto-Roller range gains a new model, the low-line Ducato-based 685 which offers twin permanent single beds above a bike garage.
The Ford Transit-based 200 & 695 continue for 2014, as do all the Ducato based models fitted with the Family Pack. The pack was so popular that models not so equipped are no longer offered.

The smart money may well be on the Auto-Roller Transits as they’ve been fully-loaded for the 2014 season and now include the Lux Pack and cab air-con fitted as standard.
All low-line Auto-Rollers get a new more fluid shape to the overcab GRP moulding. A real benefit is that the extra-cost Open Sky panoramic rooflight can now be offered.  


Ten-year body waranty

Roller-Team motorhomes now come with a ten-year body integrity warranty, because they’re now made using Trigano’s ExPs construction system. This uses thicker cladding, better insulation and laminated plastic interior walls. The result is that they are now stronger and more resistant to water ingress.

Layout finder

2014 Auto-Roller range


Auto-Roller 200

Price from 38,793

Ford Transit based model with two rear travel seats. Hugely popular in the UK for its compact size, permanent rear

corner double-bed, massive 810 kg payload. Length: 6.25m (20ft 6in). A 140bhp engine upgrade is available. Weight: 3,500kg 


Auto-Roller 685 Lo-Line.

Price from £42,795

Based on the Fiat Ducato, this new model has a garage below two longitudinal permanent

There are two rear travel seats. Comfortmatic and 150bhp engine upgrades are available.


Auto-Roller 685 Lo-Line

Price from 42,795

This new low-line model features permanent twin single-beds over a

bike garage across the far rear. Alternatively you could use the standard-spec bike rack and free-up

the under-bed cavern for storage. It has new flatter locker doors with

hidden latches. Length: 6.88m (22ft 7in), Fiat Ducato



Auto-Roller 694

Price from 42,355

Auto-Roller 694 is a low-line model featuring the same layout as the 200

(permanent rear corner double-bed with washroom alongside) but on a

different base vehicle, the Fiat Ducato. Length: 6.76m (22ft 2.25in). Weight:



Auto-Roller 695

Price from 39,832

The 695 has a similar lounge to the 200 but is packaged in a longer `van with a rear

permanent island bed and a centrally-placed washroom. It’s a Ford Transit-based model. 140bhp engine upgrade is available. There are two rear travel seats. Length: 6.93m (22ft

9in,)  Weight: 3,500kg


Auto-Roller 707 Hi-Line

Price from £43,943

Auto-Roller 707 is a family favourite with a forward lounge consisting of a double and single Pullman dinettes plus bunk beds/bike garage at far rear. 7-sleeping berths and 7-travel seats. Length: 6.99m (22ft 11.25in). Base van: Fiat Ducato 35 Light 130bhp. Weight: 3,500kg/3,650kg


Auto-Roller 746 Hi-Line

Price from £43,943

This UK family-favourite layout offers a massive ‘U’-shaped rear lounge, central kitchen with washroom opposite and a forward Pullman dinette. 6-sleeping berths, 6-travel seats. Length: 6.88m (22ft 7in). Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato. Weight: 3,500kg/3,650kg


Price list for 2014

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Manufacturer: Trigano SpA, Loc.Cusona, 53037 – San Gimignano, Siena, Italy


Kate Taylor
Practical Motorhome

October 2013