[tl:gallery index=0 size=103×155]Our Gentleman Jack Bancroft is an irredeemable motorcaravaning enthusiast. His family have been camping, caravanning and motorcaravanning since 1928. Jack and his wife Flora are now on their tenth motorhome, a 2003 Auto-Sleeper Pollensa on a Ford Transit base. They have toured extensively at home and abroad, including a period of full-timing. Here, Jack answers your motorcaravanning queries:


Q: My daughter has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and she often accompanies her husband when he goes fishing in their ’van. Although she can stand, she is unable to lift her legs so can’t get into her ’van unaided. We are looking for a small unit that is capable of lifting her to floor level so she can get into the ’van on her own and then for it to fold away for ease of storage. Can you help?
Terry Curtis



A: If I have understood your question correctly, you are searching for a portable lift which runs on 12V which your daughter can stand on and be lifted up from the ground to the height of her motorhome’s doorway threshold.


I would recommend a product called the ‘Powerstep Lift’. Go to the company’s website at www.abilitylifting.co.uk for details.


There are other manufacturers who make scissor-type lifts. Simon Fry of Fry’s Caravans (www.frys.co.uk) used to sell lifts and he might be worth a try, too.