Chausson has considerably slimmed down its ranges for the 2021 season, offering just eight low profile models and two van conversions.

The French manufacturer says that because 2020 has so far been so unusual, it will not be launching a “traditional range” for 2021, but instead will just be concentrating on the core market.

The company does still manage to include four new models in its line-up, all low-profiles.

In the 7.2m-long market, these include the 777GA and the 788, both four berths with four travel seats, with, respectively, fixed single beds and an island bed over a garage in the rear, a central washroom spread across the van, and a drop-down bed over a front lounge with face-to-face seating up front.

In the seven metre market, new models include the 648, a shortened version of the 788 that also includes four travel seats. The new 644, however, includes a transverse bed at the back that can be lifted up to provide access to the garage underneath. The face-to-face lounge in the front includes five travel seats (with one facing backwards) and a drop-down double bed.

The company is only offering one model – the end washroom 650 – in the 6.4m-long market. Last season’s 520 has been discontinued. But the end washroom both in the 650 and the longer 640 and 630 has been redesigned, with a window by the sink, a mirror with a light and a wider wardrobe with more drawers and shelves suspended on elastic.

The shower cubicle and wardrobe towards the rear of the 720, next to the bunk beds that go across the rear, have both been enlarged and made a more regular shape.

Spec levels have completely changed for the 2021 season. The Flash and Welcome badges of previous seasons have gone. In their place you have entry level First Line, which is only available on a Ford Transit base vehicle. Higher spec models are split between Titanium VIP on a Fiat Ducato and Titanium Premium on a Ford Transit.

Cab air conditioning, driver and passenger airbags, cruise control, a panoramic skylight and a door flyscreen all come as standard, among other things, on First Line. Titanium VIP gets you all of that plus Fiat’s 9-speed automatic gearbox,16-inch alloy wheels, better storage in the kitchen and washroom and an external BBQ socket and shower. The added extras on Titanium Premium include a 6-speed automatic gearbox, 16-inch alloy wheels, an extractor fan and illuminated surround in the kitchen, extra LED lighting, and a special entrance door, among other things.

First Line and Titanium VIP come with the Cosby interior featuring a lighter wood, gloss white locker doors, and either lighter Cosby or darker Flores or Flores Exclusive fabrics. Titanium Premium comes with darker Orfeo furniture, and either Orfeo or more ruffled Salman Exclusive fabrics.

The 33 Line van conversion range stays pretty much the same as last year, with only two rear lounge two-berth models – the V594 at 5.99m, with only two travel seats, and the 6.36m-long V697 with an extra front dinette including two more travel seats. As with last season, there will only be a limited edition run of each vehicle, and each van produced will have its own unique number.

The vans come this season with a maxi cab with extra storage above as standard, and an optional skyview sunroof. You get a choice of the 140bhp, 160bhp or 180bhp Fiat Ducato engine, and two colour finishes – Campovolo grey and black.