Roller Team is an Italian motorhome manufacturer based in Tuscany, although these Tolenos are converted in the UK by Auto-Trail, in North Lincolnshire! Confused? An explanation follows…

The company was originally called Auto-Roller (now a range name) and was formed to retail caravan parts to the trade. Their first coachbuilt motorhomes appeared in the early 1990s. These successfully undercut established Italian value-for-money converters and the company was quickly taken over by Gruppo CI, run by the charismatic Pierluigi Alinari. 

Subsequently, Auto-Trail got into difficulty and Pierluigi rescued them, promising production would continue in the UK – which thankfully it did! Later, both marques became part of the huge Trigano Group. 

Auto-Trail has become expert at converting high-top motorcaravans, and has been contracted to undertake conversions for several European Trigano brands.

Although Toleno was designed and developed for the 2019 model year, production began in late summer 2018. The initial offer consisted of the Toleno L and R, both based on the high-top long-wheelbase Ducato. 

Standard motive power was provided by Fiat’s Multijet engine to Euro 6 and at 115bhp. Power upgrades and Fiat’s ComfortMatic automated gearbox were extra-cost options. Equipment included Truma’s 4kW Combi-boiler and a 25-litre underslung LPG tank, plus a washroom with shower, tip-up handbasin and swivel-bowl toilet. 

The Toleno L is a two-berth with an offside washroom and nearside kitchen ahead of a rear lounge, consisting of two long inward-facing settees that convert easily into single beds or a generous all-over double. Additional seating is courtesy of the swivelling cab seats, each with two armrests. 

The interior of the Roller Team Toleno L
View forwards in Toleno L. Slim kitchen allows wider central aisle at pinch point. Rear lounge converts into two singles or all-over double bed

Toleno kitchens are narrower than many (allowing for more room in the central aisle) and have a stainless-steel Smev combined two-burner hob and sink, and a 230V microwave. There’s a three-way (LPG/12V/230V) fridge with freezer compartment to complete the inventory for budding Nigellas or Jamies.

The Toleno R shows some ‘blue skies’ thinking, with two transverse double beds, one above the other, at the rear. The top bed can be raised to the ceiling, while the bottom one can also be lifted for secure storage of a jet ski, mobility scooter and so on. Both beds can be left made up. An additional half-dinette immediately behind the driver’s seat offers two extra travel pews.

Toleno L and R layouts continue to the present unchanged and were joined in 2020 by the extra-long Toleno S, which has four travel seats and two sleeping berths. 

The forward half-dinette
Forward half-dinette in the Toleno R and the Toleno S provides two additional travel seats

This is a clever combination of both L and R layouts. It has a rear lounge that converts into a transverse double bed and a forward half-dinette. 

Also in 2020, Fiat heavily revised its Ducato and introduced the Euro 6D range of engines, with a nine-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox available as a cost-option. 

The entry-level engine was now 120bhp and the cost-option Driver Pack (including 16” alloys) became standard, as well as a four-bike rack and a solar panel. 

The interior benefited from new upholstery, a flyscreen for the side habitation door, and upgraded work surfaces, while a gas oven/grill replaced the microwave. 

The following year, the switch was made to Whale underfloor space- and water-heating units, allowing for vastly more underseat storage. 

Finally, a solar panel, a rear-view camera and a monitor became standard, and the Toleno S gained the cost-option of an elevating-roof crown to the high-top, housing another double bed.    

What to look out for in a Roller Team Toleno

Base vehicle 

These are all youngsters, so they should drive faultlessly. Make sure that the main dealer mechanical servicing is up-to-date, otherwise any remaining warranty is likely to be cancelled. 

The entry-level engine is more than adequate and will cruise comfortably at high speeds. 

If more power is required for (say) towing a heavy trailer, and a pre-owned example with a higher-output engine can’t be found, it is possible to have the engine tuned/remapped, although our advice is not to undertake this if there is any mechanical warranty remaining. 

Also, ponder on the fact that 128bhp was the top TD engine for heavy coachbuilts in recent history, so don’t remap until you are sure it is really necessary. If you go ahead, remember to tell your insurance company. 


As with the mechanical side, it should not be showing any signs of wear and tear. Insist on a recent habitation service and body integrity inspection, with a written report showing the moisture levels. That said, there will be some ex-hire examples available soon and these are likely to be higher mileage and may not be ‘as new’. 

However, at the right money, they can make a seriously savvy purchase. Note that only the L has the option of sleeping in single beds, although of course two can sleep separately, with each having a double bed to themselves, in a Toleno R. 

On models fitted with a motorhome bike rack, examine the rear doors and the rack for signs of distortion caused by overloading – usually by carrying electric bikes with non-removeable battery packs.  

Our Roller Team Toleno pick

Toleno L for solo/couples, Toleno R or the S with extra-cost elevating-roof crown for families. 

What to pay for a Roller Team Toleno

Their youth means there are not many for sale, although this will change over the next year as the part-exchanges become available from those who update every three years.

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  • Roller Team Toleno range based on the long-wheelbase Fiat Ducato at standard and XL lengths
  • Built 2018-present by Auto-Trail, Europarc, North Lincolnshire
  • Five-door high-top panel van conversion
  • Overall lengths – Toleno L and Toleno R: 5.99m (19’ 8”), Toleno S: 6.36m (20’ 10.5”)

What we like: 

  • ‘Handed’ for the UK
  • Slimmer kitchen/wider central aisle
  • Generous payload on Toleno L and R
  • Unfussy contemporary interior
  • Two-berth model with four travel seats 

What we don’t like:

  • Only available in white

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