If you’re looking for a way to enjoy TV when you’re on tour, there will be a couple of important points to get right. Having one of the best motorhome TVs will be a crucial part of making sure you get the perfect setup, but you’ll also want to ensure you can actually watch TV and enjoy a good picture. That’s where picking out the best motorhome TV aerial comes in.

To help you find the right one for you, we’re sharing our pick of the standout motorhome TV aerials on the market, including products from Vision Plus, Avtex, Sniper and more.

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What do I need to know when I’m choosing a motorhome TV aerial?

When you’re looking to buy a TV nowadays, you’ll find that most options already come with a Freeview tuner built in. This means all you will need to do is plug your set into your motorhome aerial, which will normally be a roof-mounted option, an indoor table top antenna, or an external model.

The most common sight on campsites will be a roof-mounted omnidirectional aerial. These are quick and simple to set up, although you will need to carefully tune it in once you’ve reached your site, and reception can occasionally be a bit patchy.

Then there are directional motorhome aerials. These products will focus reception in a single direction, which can result in a better signal. The downside here is they can take time to set up once you’re at your campsite, and you’ll also need to have an idea of where the nearest TV mast is located.

The best motorhome TV aerials – our top picks:

Vision Plus Status 350
Image: Amazon – Vision Plus Status 350

Vision Plus Status 350 Omni-Directional Digital TV Antenna

If you’re looking for a motorhome TV aerial that only receives digital TV and you’re not after a model that will obtain radio signals, the Vision Plus Status 350 could be the model for you.

The omnidirectional aerial can be purchased with either a five metre or a 10 metre integrated coaxial cable, giving you the flexibility to create the arrangement that suits you best.

Coming with a VP2 TV signal amplifier, Vision Plus has also provided a choice of three fitting options – these include a suction pad fitting, a 25mm mast fitting and a permanent option.

Vision Plus Status 355
Image: Amazon – Vision Plus Status 355

Vision Plus Status 355

The Vision Plus Status 355 is an omnidirectional aerial that will not only allow you to enjoy digital TV when you’re on tour, but also works for FM / DAB Radio.

It comes with a selection of fitting options – you can either fit it to the roof of your motorhome, mast mount it, or use the sucker mount.

A five metre cable is a useful addition – while other options in our guide provide longer cables, it’s still a decent length for creating a good setup, depending on your motorhome layout. The angle can also be adjusted, allowing level mounting on a sloping surface.

Avtex STH3000
Image: Amazon – Avtex STH3000

Avtex STH3000 Digital TV Aerial

Avtex is a well-known brand in the tech sphere, so it’s not surprising to see them make an appearance in our best motorhome TV aerial round up. The simple to operate STH3000 is a lightweight option to consider, coming in at only 0.29kg.

The casing is both UV- and water-resistant, and the TV aerial comes with a 12/24v DC power inserter, as well as an integrated 20db amplifier.

One thing we would highlight is that the cable is only three metres long, so it would be worth measuring in advance to make sure it would be suitable for where you want your TV to go.

Vision Plus 570
Image: Amazon – Vision Plus Status 570

Vision Plus Status 570 Directional TV and Radio Antenna

Unlike the other Vision Plus options that appear in our guide, the Status 570 is a directional motorhome tv aerial. This means that it will only receive a signal from a specific direction, instead of from every direction like the omni-directional Status 350 and Status 355 aerials.

Providing both digital TV and DAB/FM reception, this slim product also comes with a VP5 Digital TV Amplifier and an integral Signal Finder. Something we like with the Status 570 is the LED indicator that is included – this will highlight the strength of the signal you’re receiving, switching between red, yellow and green as the situation dictates.

Mercury 120.910UK
Image: Amazon – Mercury 120.910UK

Mercury 120.910UK

Coming with a useful six metre connection cable, this outdoor motorhome TV aerial can be used to achieve HDTV and DAB / FM radio signals.

The included splitter gives you the freedom to connect a second TV or radio, while the built-in amplifier should ensure you can enjoy a decent picture.

The aerial, which weighs 1.5kg, also comes with a clamp, which will let you mount it onto a pole of up to 38mmØ.

The Sniper Automotive Portable Digital TV Aerial
Image: Amazon – the Sniper Automotive Portable Digital TV Aerial

Sniper Automotive Portable Digital TV Aerial

This portable omnidirectional Freeview DVB-T and DAB TV aerial from Sniper is a budget-friendly way of enjoying TV on tour. The aerial comes with a useful five metre lead, as well as a TV Co-axial connector.

The magnetic base the Sniper product is provided with means you can put it on the roof of your motorhome, and the protective rubber cup should mean it doesn’t leave any marks behind either.

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