LAST YEAR’S LENGTHY lockdown means Spanish brand Benimar has only made minor cosmetic changes to the three ranges it sells in the UK through Marquis Leisure.

These include the entry-level Primero, made up of three overcabs and one low-profile, all with a 140bhp Fiat engine, and with starting prices that are just short of £50,000.

Then there’s the slightly more upmarket Mileo line-up, with seven low-profile models, including two two-berths and five four-berths, all with a 160bhp Fiat engine as standard. They start at £55,995. Ford Transit fans can go for one of the eight Tessoro models, again all low-profiles and this time all four-berths, with prices starting at £56,995.

Despite being Spanish-made, all come with habitation doors on the UK nearside, and a long list of UK-specific extras.

Benimar: A quick history

Peniscola, with its famous castle, midway between Barcelona and Valencia on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, is probably best known as a place some lucky motorcaravanners might choose to spend the winter months to get away from cold Blighty. But it also happens to be where Benimar is based.

The company was founded in 1979, although serial production did not begin until 1986. By 2002, it was a market leader in Spain and big enough to be snapped up by the Trigano Group (which is a parent company of Auto-Sleepers and Marquis Leisure).

Benimar vehicles are now sold in 25 countries worldwide, and the company produces 4000 models a year. In the UK, the brand is sold exclusively by Marquis Leisure.

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