To those not fully in the know, it can seem that there are just two types of motorhome: coachbuilt (overcab, low-profile and A-class) and van conversion. There’s a third way, though: a hybrid of the two with the space, kit and luxury of the former and much of the convenience of the latter.

Generally bigger and pricier than smaller full-on van conversions, these über-van conversions are usually aimed squarely at the wealthy couples market.

After years of selling coachbuilts, Lunar has ventured into this segment, kicking off with the two-berth RL, whose name hints at the vast rear lounge. The EW tested here is the latest addition to the now four-model range, which includes the higher-spec (though otherwise identical) S version of each.

Once again, the clue is in the name: ‘EW’ stands for ‘end washroom’. It’s quite a rare beast in this corner of the market in having a proper washroom with a separate shower cubicle.

For its base vehicle, Lunar eschewed the popular Ducato in favour of a more upmarket van. Mercedes-Benz has quietly been consolidating its place in the motorhome world for a while. The facelifted Sprinter really looks the part, especially in our test model’s glittering dark metallic blue, which masks the grey plastic side mouldings, bumpers, vents and exterior services more effectively than light colours.