We’re regularly testing products to find the best camping gear for motorhome touring, and recently we’ve had a wide choice of camping cookware sets to check. Given that many of us are rattling around with cast-off domestic pots and pans in our motorhomes, we’re convinced that buying the right compact, lightweight set of pans can make a world of difference.

Maximising your storage space in the motorhome demands that you match the size of your touring kit to the space available.

We tested many cookware sets, including the Kampa Feast Non-Stick Family XL Cook Set at £33.99, the Kampa Chow at £23.99, The Outwell Feast cook set M at £34.20, the Lakeland My Kitchen five-piece pan set at £94.99, the Vango eight-person non-stick cook kit at £50, the Kampa Munch at £28.99, and the Vango one-person non-stick cook kit at £18. 

Here’s how we assessed these cookware sets. Good value for money is always one of our top priorities in any camping accessory tests. We count the number of pans that you get for your money and then look at the quality, too. We’re keen to select pans that are well balanced and heavy enough not to tip over on the hob, yet light enough to make very little difference to our payload.

Every saucepan needs a lid of its own, we think, because food will cook faster, use less fuel on the hob and stay warm longer in a lidded pan. We didn’t like the fact that some sets expect you to share lids between pans.

Sets of pans that nest neatly together won our approval and those with folding or detachable handles make this far more possible. They can also enable you to use pans in the oven if you want to – or pop your leftovers in the fridge. We can’t believe that some camping cookware sets have bare metal handles. We’re keenest on those with handles and knobs that are easy to grip and well insulated to keep everyone safer.

Motorhome hobs are pretty compact, so we also favour sets with small and medium-sized pans, so that you can use two or three on the hob at once to cook up a variety of family meals on tour.

In this review we’ll focus on the Kampa Feast Non-Stick Family XL Cook Set, which costs £33.99 for three saucepans and a frying pan. The best way of describing this set is as a much-needed evolution of those old-fashioned pots-in-a-string-bag camping cookware sets that were compact but had few other pleasing points.

OK, at first glance, the zipped bag and 23cm diameter x 15cm high compact size don’t inspire much confidence. But there are four pans included: 17cm, 19cm, and 21cm diameter saucepans plus a 21.5cm frying pan.

All four pans have their own folding handles, and the saucepans all have lids, too.

Although aluminium is used to keep the weight down to an impressive 1.7kg, all pan inners — in common with most products here — feature tough non-stick coatings.