Be sure to make time for our Dethleffs 4-travel T 6966-4 review. But there’s no time for 40 winks here, the drop-down bed concept is evolving fast – putting it lengthways is just another step in the process.

Germany’s Dethleffs is certainly keen enough to join the cause, announcing the three-model 4-travel line-up, characterised by electrically-operated double beds where you sleep with your head at the cab end.

Two of the models – the twin single beds T 7116-4 and island double T7156-4 – are 7.49m in overall length. The sub-7m long baby of the three is the T 6966-4 that we went to see at the Lowdhams dealership’s Nottinghamshire base.

This is Lowdhams’ 17th season with Dethleffs. Today, just five other dealerships in the UK hold the franchise, between them accounting for eight outlets through England, Scotland and Wales.