Make no mistake: Adria’s Twin on the ‘old’ Fiat X44 Ducato was a game-changer shortly after its UK launch in 2003. It was the first volume, high-top motorcaravan to feature a permanent double-bed at the rear. Brave, brilliantly executed and superb value, it had other manufacturers shaking their heads and muttering: “It’ll never catch on.” But it did, and today any brand worth its salt has at least one such layout.

Few can match Adria’s elegant simplicity and efficient use of space. Preferences change over time, so Adria has produced an extended version of the original Twin layout on the extra-long Ducato. 

Before potential buyers of the 600 SP can consider the 640 SPX instead, it must be less than 6m long to retain maximum manoeuvrability and allow it to be used as an ‘only vehicle’, saving the expense of a runabout car.