We know you’re just starting to get your heads around the rash of new models that are creeping onto the market in the 2006 model ranges, but we poked our heads around the door of Adria’s UK headquarters recently and saw this splendid creature tucked away tidily in the corner of the workshop.

It’s not in the 2006 brochure, so we asked about it. The chaps were a little coy about the cute camper, which was meant to be a surprise at the London shows, but they eventually spilled the beans. The 3-Way is a compact elevating-roof camper built on the Renault Trafic. The ’van has been available on the Continent for a year or two, and the plan is to make it part of Adria’s motorhome range for 2007. The reaction of customers will be judged before a definite decision is made on whether or not to bring it into the country is made.

Inside, it has the regular camper set-up of a fridge and hob in storage units mounted opposite the sliding side-door. The rear seats are on tracks, so they can be slid back and forth, which increases or decreases the amount of storage available in the back, where the dining table is stowed.

The roof bed is a good size and, with the seats downstairs converting to a bed as well, it’s a seriously small four berth. We reckon it’s more likely to see service as handsome camper for two, with proper day-vehicle versatility for a family. At just over five metres long and around two metres high, it’ll go anywhere a 4×4 will. Prices haven’t been decided, but we reckon that if Adria can get it right, you’ll see quite a few 3-Ways on the road in a year’s time.