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Part of the appeal of travelling in a motorhome is that you have a home-from-home, with all the luxuries and comforts that you’d expect. For me, a huge part of this is the decoration.


To give them their due, the manufacturers of motorhomes do try to make the interiors as pleasant and well-designed as possible, but everybody’s tastes differ and they can’t cater for us all! Therefore a spot of DIY and interior design could be just what you need to totally relax when you’re on holiday.



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Seeing funky interiors that people have clearly put a lot of care into warms my heart, and it seems that small changes can make a huge difference.


Scatter cushions and throws can transform a seating area, or you could go the whole hog and re-upholster the seat cushions. (My mother is particularly good at upholstery so she would be my first port of call).



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You could also get a pretty clock or notice board, or paste a map onto pretty much any flat surface. It would be fun to mark everywhere that you’ve visited with a sticker.





VW campervans are particularly custom-friendly, as there’s a tradition of funky paintwork on the outside. Whether there’s a unique paint colour,  simple flower transfers or full-on works of art, VW drivers are not paint-shy. Trawling through picture-sharing sites such as Pinterest will show the real extent of VW eccentricity, with stretch limo-VWs, flower-covered campervans and more. A van that looks totally customised, but is actually built that way, is the VW Doubleback – a little campervan with slide-outs to extend the bedroom. Click here for our Jeremiah’s You Tube tour of the Doubleback.





Themed kitchen utensils and accessories also make nice additions. I love retro-style kettles, patterned radios and bright and quirky cutlery.


How would you customise your motorhome, if you had nobody but yourself to consider?


Bryony Symes, 31 January, 2013



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