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We covered one compact (and unidentified) DIY motorhome conversion kit a couple of months ago, but this solution from SwissRoomBox looks even more ingenious.

The modular system of crates from Switzerland can be installed into anything from the size of a small hatchback car and up, where it folds out to provide washing, cooking and eating facilities — and even basic sleeping accommodation, if you’re not prone to claustrophobia.

The SwissRoomBox anchors to the base of a car boot or van floor and requires just eight screws to hold the whole thing together. The only vehicle modification required is a cable that must be connected directly to the car battery for powering the water heater and small fridge, and the necessary power inverter is provided.

There’s also an optional battery protector that cuts power if the voltage drops below a certain level — something that would bring any holiday to a sudden, disappointing stop.

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Fresh water is stored in two 12.5 litre water tanks, with a 29-litre waste water tank (4l internal and 25l external). The 200W boiler can heat three litres of water up to 80°C and the supplied pump can manage 19 litres/min at a pressure of 1.1 bars.

The video that shows the SwissRoomBox system installed in a small van seems to ignore the fact that most people who enjoy a camping holiday also like to pack a change of clothes or two, but since there’s built-in space for food storage, perhaps there’s room for stowing more stuff too.

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Prices start from around £6,000 for the basic set-up, but the modular nature of the system means that any installation can be extensively customised.