French brand Rapido has added new layouts to all of its ranges to add to the new Rapido C series range it announced earlier in July.

Most of the new layouts appear in its more budget-priced Itineo range, where four new models have come on stream for the 2021 season.

The SC700 is potentially a five-berth, with an optional fifth travel seat and berth. As standard it has bunks in the rear that can easily be converted into a storage area when it is just the two of you. The 6.99 metre-long MC700 has a similar island bed layout to the longer MC740, only its island bed is offset to allow a shower to be squeezed into the rear corner. Also with a rear corner washroom but this time a French bed, the PF600 manages to be just 5.99m long but also manages to include a drop-down double bed to turn it into a four-berth. Finally the PJ700 is a shorter version of the discontinued PJ740 with single beds in the back.

Finally the MC740 and SB740 models are now available as a special Spirit Edition with alloy wheels, special upholstery, a leather steering wheel and backlit kitchen window cladding. 

The only new model in the main Rapido range is the V65 XL van conversion. It has the same layout as the existing V55 but based on the extra long wheelbase Ducato, so you get a larger front lounge.

But there have been significant improvements too. For low-profile and A-classes, the Castello interior has been replaced this season by Bellagio, with matte overhead cupboard doors with the option of gloss (although gloss is standard on the Distinction range) or darker Nacarat with the same gloss option. Both schemes feature a horizontal woodgrain with a new edging strtip and metallic trim.

The rear panel on the C series, with pre-wiring for a reversing camera and a rear spoiler with an inbuilt third brake light, will also feature on the 6F, 8F and 80dF ranges. The kitchens in many of those models feature new larger central locked drawers with glossy white fronts and inbuilt black handles, while most of the Distinction range now features larger curved drawers with the same handles and locking system. Most 80dF, Distinction and M series models now feature a new 32-inch inbuilt TV unit with backlighting.

The Ultimate Line special edition finish that was first introduced on the mid-season launch of the 886F model has now been extended to six more models: the 666F, 686F, 696F, 8066dF, 8086dF, and 8096dF. This includes alloy wheels, special upholstery, dimmable lighting and a backlity bed headboard.

All Rapido’s van conversions now come with a glossy back grille that was previously only included if you went for a Skyview sunroof and metallic paint. The V68 model now comes with a Duo’Space washroom with a partition that slides over to reveal the shower. This model, and the V62 and V65 XL models now also come with an optional chassis upgrade to 4250kg.

New additions in the Dreamer van conversion range include the D60, with a drop-down double in the back that can be raised to create a storage area for bikes and other equipment. The Camper Van XL now also now comes with a drop-down bed and a sunroof. The D68 is now available as an Exclusive edition, like the D55, with a Skyview sunroof, a black glossy grille, alloy wheels and special upholstery. The D68 Limited and Family Van models now come with the Duo’Space washroom.

Across the Dreamer range as a whole, last season’s Prestige interior look has been replaced by Serenity, with a warmer wood colour and glossy white handle-free overhead locker doors.