THE MOTORHOME CHANNEL features our Show Special Report from February’s Caravan and Camping Show at Birmingham’s NEC.


Episode 13


Shown from Monday, 3 March to Sunday, 16 March, 2014



In this episode, Gentleman Jack reviews three cracking new motorhomes:

there’s the CMC Trekker, an elevating roof VW-based camper;  

he steps inside the new Lunar Landstar RL, a Mercedes-based high-top van conversion, and he casts his eye over a Vantage Ora, a classy camper from the award-winning Leeds-based converter.


Andy Harris tours the show, focusing on accessories that catch his eye.


Plus Andy takes a glimpse at how the other half live inside the ‘money-no-object’ Carthago Chic S-Plus.



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Kate Taylor, Practical Motorhome

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