Trigano brand Chausson knows how to inject interest into a launch event, with the announcement of two new-season models it claims are unique. It’s a marque that’s not afraid to innovate or try something new, and its 2017 range is proof of this. It is also a Continental brand that understands and caters for British motorcaravanners, so while all the ’vans pictured at Chausson’s 2017 launch event in France are European spec models, all UK spec motorhomes will feature niceties popular with British buyers, such as ovens and carpets.

For 2017, 37 Chausson models are available in Europe and 18 of these are offered in the UK, two of which are overcabs, the remaining 16 being low-profiles. All have MTPLMs of no more than 3500kg and three quarters are less than 7m long, so anyone can drive them and they’re easy to live with day-to-day.

Depending on the model, 2017 Chaussons are available on either the Ford Transit or Fiat Ducato, both of which are Euro 6-compliant. Fords will be powered by the new 2.0-litre Panther engine with either 130 or 170hp and, from early 2017, there’s the option of an automatic gearbox. The Fiat’s 2.3-litre engine is available in three states of tune, delivering 130, 150 or 180hp.

What’s changed

All 2017-season low-profile motorhomes in the Chausson range have a new taupe and chrome interior as standard, heated garages, a fold-over table in the lounge (apart from the 611), separately-operated floor-level lighting, a new round ceiling light, new cupboard door handles, the option to remove the ladder/roof rack and a curtain separating the cab from the living area. All island beds are now a generous 1.6m wide, and all drop-down beds are electrically-operated.

The Flash trim line, available on all models, has changes for the new season, signalled by a revised logo. There’s additional LED lighting, standard exterior lighting, new Rijeka cabinetry and an AES (automatic energy selection) refrigerator. Welcome, a trim line for just the low-profile models, also boasts a refreshed logo for 2017, new wood trim (called Malaga), new bathroom lighting and further interior updates including new scatter cushions and Roman blinds.

There’s no doubt that the new floor-level lighting, extra LEDs and Roman blinds (where fitted) make the interiors of the new-season Chaussons feel more elegant and sophisticated than before.

The 2017 range comprises two sub-6m models, the new 530 and the 514. The 514 is available only on the Ford Transit. The new 530 can ride on either a Ford or a Fiat chassis, and is one of three models based on the best-selling 610 (the others being the 620 and the 630). Get inside and it’s definitely compact, but a proper shower door means two can use the washroom at once, helping the space feel bigger than it is.

There are 12 models measuring between 6m and 7m long, seven of which are new for 2017. The new 638EB (Ford or Fiat) is under 6.5m long but still features a 1.6m x 1.91m height-adjustable island bed at the rear, the option of a single drop-down bed, plus a full-width garage with two access doors and a 12V socket. Also new is the 637 (Ford or Fiat) which again comes in at under 6.5m with the option of a drop-down single bed, but this time offers a pair of low-set, longitudinally-orientated single beds at the rear.

The two new sub-7m models in Chausson’s ‘space lounge’ range are undoubtedly the stars of the brand’s 2017 season offerings. Scroll down to see why the 6.96m-long, four-berth, Fiat-only 611 and the two-berth, Ford- or Fiat-based 630 are two of this season’s headline-grabbing ’vans. 

Also new in this length division is the C646, a 6.29m-long Ford-based overcab with an overcab double bed and fixed bunks across the rear, plus the C656 and 656, Fiat-based overcab and low-profile models respectively, both seven-berth ’vans standing 6.99m long and again with bunk beds across the back.

In the over 7m category, there’s just one new model for 2017: the 718XLB. As its name suggests, this motorhome has a king-sized in-line island double bed at the rear measuring 1.6m x 2m, plus a drop-down double over the lounge and a split washroom, and buyers can choose from a Fiat or a Ford chassis, both of which will keep the ’van under 7.5m long. 

The headlines

The two most exciting new models in the 2017 Chausson range are undoubtedly the 611 and the 630. Seeing genuine, thinking-outside-the-box innovation that could enhance or perhaps even transform the way people go about motorhome touring is worth celebrating, and Chausson should be applauded for this. The manufacturer uses the word ‘unique’ to describe them and while this is a bold statement, we can’t think of any other models which carry these layouts. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fiat-only 611 is that it has two habitation doors, one on each side. Step aboard and you’ll see why: there’s no bench seat in the lounge, but two belted cabin seats. The advantage of this is that all four occupants can travel in supreme comfort and when you stop for a quick snack en route, simply swivel the driver and front passenger’s seats, deploy a table and, hey presto, you’ve got a dining space.

At the rear is a generous, U-shaped lounge benefiting from triple-aspect windows, with a kitchen on the UK offside and an all-in-one washroom opposite. At night, two drop-down double beds descend, one over the front lounge, the other over the rear lounge. There’s also a rear garage with two access doors.

The limited edition Travel Line is fitted to all 611s, which brings the Welcome trim, the VIP Pack and central locking on all doors.

Step into the 630 and right away it’s clear this is a ’van with real wow factor. There’s a spacious parallel front lounge, an open kitchen area, a large washroom across the back of the living area with a separate shower cubicle, plus a super-sized rear garage with three access doors.

Sleeping accommodation is provided by two single beds that drop down into the lounge area and, this is the clever bit, they can be raised and lowered individually, leaving the other half of the lounge free for, well, lounging. All this is in a sub 7m-long ’van (6.99m if on the Ford, 6.96m if on the Fiat).

In other news

Prices range from £37,800 for the 514 on the Ford chassis with a 130hp engine, in entry-level Flash trim and no optional drop-down bed, to £48,500 for the special-edition 611.

The Welcome trim line costs £3000 extra. Upgrading from the 130hp Ford engine to the 170hp version costs £1200, while on Fiats it is £1200 to go from the 130hp to the 150hp unit, and £2800 to swap the 130hp powerplant for the 180hp variant. 

The 2017 UK Chausson range at a glance

  • Chausson 530 – from £38,900, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 5.96-5.99m-long
  • Chausson 514 – from £37,800, low-profile, Ford, 5.99m-long 
  • Chausson 628EB – from £41,800, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 6.96-6.99m-long
  • Chausson 638EB – from £41,100, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 6.49m-long
  • Chausson 637 – from £41,100, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 6.49m-long
  • Chausson 610 – from £40,000, low-profile, Fiat/Ford
  • Chausson 611 – from £48,500, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat, 6.96m-long
  • Chausson 620 – from £41,600, low-profile, Fiat/Ford
  • Chausson 630 – from £42,800, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 6.96-6.99m-long
  • Chausson C646 – from £41,750, new for 2017, overcab, Ford
  • Chausson C656 – from £43,350, new for 2017, overcab, Fiat, 6.99m-long
  • Chausson 656 – from £42,250, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat, 6.99m-long
  • Chausson 624 – from £41,600, low-profile, Fiat, 6.99m-long
  • Chausson 625 – from £40,850, low-profile, Fiat, 6.99m-long
  • Chausson 718XLB – from £42,540, new for 2017, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 7.46-7.49m-long
  • Chausson 728EB – from £43,400, low-profile, Fiat/Ford, 7.46-7.49m-long
  • Chausson 727GA – from £42,540, low-profile, Fiat/Ford
  • Chausson 737 – from £42,540, low-profile, Fiat/Ford

Prices correct as of 13 June 2016