Going on tour across the UK or further afield is one of the very best things about owning a motorhome, but once you’re pitched up on site it’s not easy to take to the road again to explore your surroundings – so that’s where having a great bike comes in.

Some of the places where you’re likely to tour will have challenging terrain, of course, which is why an ebike makes perfect sense.

It takes away some of the effort of more tricky rides, meaning that you can explore further than you ever would have thought possible – in complete comfort, too.

History and heritage as standard

No matter which ebike you choose, you’ll want to go for a brand you can trust – and with Haibike, you can rest assured that you’ll get both quality and value.

Haibike was founded in 1995, and since then has built a strong reputation for producing bikes for all riders and abilities.

They established the blueprint for the modern electric mountain bike in 2010, and now offer a fantastic range of models across a range of price points, with German engineering precision at the heart of every one.

All about ebikes

So how do ebikes work? They’re actually really straightforward – just like a regular bike, only with the inclusion of an electric motor, a battery, a sensor and an electric display.

Haibike’s models operate with pedal assist, which means that the motor will only operate when the pedals are turning – so, you’ll still get an enjoyable workout, but can let the bike take on more of the effort when you want it to.

Haibike models also sense how hard you are pedalling and match the power, so your ride will still feel natural.

Amazingly – and depending on the model and terrain – you can expect to cover between 20 and 60 miles between charges: plenty to allow you to really explore the local area.

What’s more, you don’t need to constantly charge or discharge the battery to keep it in top condition – you can top it up whenever necessary, and the process from empty takes just three or four hours.

Finally, you might think that ebikes are ‘cheating’ – but, by allowing you to see more of your surroundings in comfort and style, they’re every bit as good as a regular bike – and, we reckon, a lot better.

To find out more about ebikes, and how an ebike can revolutionise your touring experience, take a look at the video below.

And to read more about Haibike, visit the company’s website, as well as its Facebook and Instagram pages.