The AA has launched an app for iPhone and Android smartphones that uses GPS-positioning to warn of speed cameras while driving.

AA Safety Camera has a large, clear display for the current vehicle speed and also shows the current speed limit.

Both an on-screen distance indicator and a voice alert warn of an imminent safety camera en-route. Since the camera location data is supplied by charitable users, the app should warn about mobile speed cameras, in addition to fixed ones.

AA Safety Camera is free to download and use for 30 days, after which a subscription is payable — £2.99 a month, £9.99 a year or £19.99 for three years.

The only catch is that the AA Safety Camera app only appears to cover the UK, while the existing RoadPilot Mobile app it’s based on covers 30 countries around the world.

Since RoadPilot Mobile for iPhone and Android looks and costs the same as the AA app, that makes it a better option for anyone who regularly drives abroad.