A host of British motorhome manufacturers are now offering a full 10-year ‘body integrity’ warranty on their ’vans.


In the run-up to the launch of Bailey Motorhomes, it was strongly rumoured the Bristol firm would replicate the 10-year warranty against water ingress that it offered on its tourers built using the same Alu-Tech construction method – which indeed it did.


But Bailey was beaten to the punch by Auto-Trail, which announced its 10-Year Water Ingress Warranty with its trade preview at the start of September.


Managing directors David Thomas and Stuart Turpin said at the time that their comprehensive new warranty coverage would provide peace of mind for not only the vehicle’s first owner, but also for subsequent owners, as the warranty is transferable.


“Auto-Trail builds Britain’s most popular range of motorhomes and owners who invest in our product can be assured that we are investing in their future well-being.
 In addition to our 10-Year Water Ingress Warranty, Auto-Trail provides a full three-year warranty on both the conversion and the base vehicle’s chassis.”


And in the final days before the Motorhome and Caravan Show, the Swift Group announced its new 2012-season coachbuilt motorhomes will come with a ‘10-year Body Shell Integrity Warranty, in addition to the comprehensive 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, plus a Fiat/Peugeot 3-year warranty for the base vehicle.


Swift Group’s commercial director Nick Page said: “Customer care is an area that we are constantly investing in to ensure our customers feel reassured when they purchase one of our products. As the UK’s leading manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes it is only right that our warranties should be market leading, too. By increasing our Body Shell Integrity Warranty to 10 years we are giving our customers that extra peace of mind.”


Finally, on the opening day of the Show, Elddis followed suit, with an announcement that all 2012-season Autoquest and Aspire motorhomes would benefit from a 10-year Body Integrity Warranty.


Chris Whitham, commercial director at Elddis says: “We’ve always been confident in our product safety and we’re renowned for our solid craftsmanship… By providing a 10-year warranty we can ensure our customers and our approved retailer network the very same confidence and yet another compelling reason to choose Elddis.”


Terms and conditions apply to all warranties – for example, the motorhome must have an annual service to maintain the warranties, and be sure to read the small print on transferring the warranty should you sell the ’van. But this is a welcome and reassuring message to customers from the key UK motorhome volume manufacturers.