The best campervans provide a comfortable setting for a memorable touring experience. However, choosing the one for you is not always so simple – there are a wide range of manufacturers and campervan converters producing ‘vans, so how do you go about finding the right vehicle? The experts at Practical Motorhome are here to help. We’re taking a look at two popular ‘vans, the Ford Nugget and the Jöbl Kampa LE.

The Nugget, which is produced by Ford and Westfalia, is based on a short-wheelbase Transit Custom, while the Kampa LE is based on the Volkswagen Transporter.

So, how do they both compare? Let’s find out…

A basic overview

The Ford Nugget

Ford Nugget

  • Price: £62,736
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3,200kg
  • Payload: 961kg
  • Shipping length: 4.97m
The Jobl Kampa LE

Jöbl Kampa LE

  • Price: £58,750
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3,000kg
  • Payload: 510kg
  • Shipping length: 5.30m

Ford Nugget vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Exterior and cab

The Nugget is a stylish ‘van, with the tinted windows and metallic paint (which is a £780 optional extra) creating a smart exterior. We really love the drive it provides – the model we tested had Ford’s six-speed automatic gearbox, giving us an incredibly impressive driving experience.

At the back of the ‘van, you’ll find a bench containing three travel seats – this can be slid fully forwards. You can then swivel the cab seats around to give yourself a nice lounge.

Once you’ve reached your campervan campsite, you can open both of the sliding doors to create a bright interior. In the evening, a nicely lit space can be created by the LEDs and strip lights.

You also get a removable pedestal table which has four place settings – it’s worth noting this does take up a lot of travel space. A second table resides in the tailgate door – this is for the room under the rollout awning.

Like the Nugget, the Kampa LE has a smart interior, coming in a similar dark metallic blue. The model we tested came in at £64,678 and had the optional seven-speed DSG fitted, which, when combined with the 150bhp engine (another optional extra) also provided an excellent drive.

The cab comes with DAB radio, Bluetooth, auto-lights and cruise control. Two belted seats are found in the lounge – both face forwards and are sporty in style. If there are four of you dining together, the front seats can be swivelled around to face the rear, with the table popped into the slot. When it’s not in use, the table is kept behind the rear nearside seat.

The two belted seats in the Kampa LE
The two belted seats in the Kampa LE

In the evening, you can turn to LEDs in the roof to provide light.

Ford Nugget vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Kitchen

There’s a bit of a difference in the kitchen provided in the two ‘vans.

The Nugget’s L-shaped kitchen extends across the rear of the ‘van and behind the bench. You get a two-burner hob and decent round sink, along with a 40-litre top-loading fridge.

A side view of the kitchen in the Nugget
A side view of the kitchen in the Nugget

The campervan layout will be ideal if you want to continue a conversation with anyone in the lounge while you’re preparing food too.

Despite this, you may find yourself preferring the Kampa LE’s kitchen for the simple reason that it comes with an oven/grill, as well as a two-burner hob and sink.

The kitchen space in the Kampa LE
The Kampa LE comes with a two-burner hob, oven/grill and a sink

A Dometic 45-litre fridge is also included.

Ford Nugget vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Sleeping

The roof bed in the Nugget is set up by unfastening the clips that secure it to the raised roof. It’s accessed via a small ladder, and is both large and comfortable. A second bed can be made up downstairs. It’s easy to do; simply slide the rear seat forwards and unravel it as you do so.

The roof bed in the Nugget
The roof bed in the Nugget

In contrast, we’d say the Kampa LE is designed more for couples with children or who occasionally tour with the grandkids. This is because the roof bed – which is also accessed by a ladder – really only provides enough room for children.

Downstairs, two singles are made up by pulling out the seat base and lowering the back. Any gaps are filled with infill cushions, and you can then slide the seats together to make up a comfortable double bed.

Ford Nugget vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Washroom

The washroom arrangements on offer in the two ‘vans could be another key factor in settling on the one that suits you best.

There’s no washroom in the Nugget, but you do have the option of storing a Porta Potti in a cupboard on the rear offside corner.

You also get an attachment for making up an external shower, but it only runs on cold, so could be better suited to washing off muddy boots.

Like the Nugget, there’s no set washroom in the Kampa LE – however, it does come with a clever bit of innovation. Here, you have the option of separating the rear of the ‘van off with a slide-out divider. In this area, you’ll find a Dometic electric-flush toilet and a stainless-steel handbasin, plus a hot water supply.

The 'washroom' area of the Kampa LE
At the rear of the Kampa LE, you can find a basin with hot water

Ford Nugget vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Storage

With the exception of a wardrobe and storage beneath the rear seat, you’re fairly limited for space in the Nugget. There is room under the sink but that will primarily be used for the pedestal table and storing the two bulky chairs that accompany it. There are further options provided in the kitchen, including a tall cupboard and a cutlery drawer.

In contrast, the Kampa LE provides good storage, including decent cupboard options in the kitchen. At the back of the ‘van, you’ll find some space for clothes.


Both the Kampa LE and the Nugget are excellent to drive, and both are at a very similar price point for the standard spec, with £4,000 separating the two of them.

A key consideration will be whether you’re touring as a couple or as a four. If it’s going to be used for four adults, the Nugget’s roof top bed could swing it, as the Kampa’s option is really only suitable for children. The Nugget’s smaller size also makes it ideal for every day use too.

However, if you’re mainly going to be touring as a couple, the Kampa’s innovative washroom and the presence of an oven/grill could be the deciding factor.

One thing’s for sure though – whichever one you settle on, we’re sure it will provide you with a great base for making some amazing memories.

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