There are a wide range of ‘vans on the market, and making sure you pick out the best campervan for your needs will play a crucial part in having as enjoyable a tour as possible. To help you pick out the one for you, we’re taking a look at two ‘vans we recently reviewed and rated highly – the Jöbl Kampa LE and the Auto-Sleepers Air.

They both provide a comfortable touring experience but how do they compare? We find out…

If you’re still looking to find out more about buying one, our guide to the best campervan converters could help too.

The basic spec

The Auto-Sleepers Air

Auto-Sleepers Air

  • Price: £66,955
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3200kg
  • MiRO: 2400kg
  • Payload: 800kg
  • Shipping length: 4.97m
  • Width: 2.27m
The Jöbl Kampa LE

Jöbl Kampa LE

  • Price: £58,750
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 3000kg
  • MiRO: 2490kg
  • Payload: 2490kg
  • Shipping length: 5.30m
  • Width: 1.94m

Auto-Sleepers Air vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Pitch and set up

An important factor will be knowing which van for camper conversion your chosen model comes on.

Based on the SWB Ford Transit Custom, the Auto-Sleepers Air comes in four metallic colours, so you can pick out the shade you like the most. It includes a Thule pull-out awning, complete with integrated awning light, while you also have easy access to the side entrance, thanks to an electric step.

The Auto-Sleepers Air includes a Thule pull-out awning
The Auto-Sleepers Air includes a Thule pull-out awning

It’s got a good level of kit on offer throughout – this includes a 60W solar panel and 40-litre fresh and waste water tanks. We appreciate the inclusion of the sat nav, park assists and adaptive cruise control, that all come fitted as standard.

While it only comes in a dark metallic blue, the Kampa LE has a smart exterior and is based on the VW Transporter. The tailgate will ensure you can access the rear easily, and in this space, you’ll find a 30-litre waste-water tank. The mains socket and a 60-litre fresh-water tank can be found on the offside.

Like the Air, the Kampa provides adaptive cruise control, and the cab also comes with DAB radio, Bluetooth and auto-lights.

Auto-Sleepers Air vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Lounge

Inside the Air, you can slide the bench seats either forwards or backwards, thanks to a locking lever. The table is set up via a steel leg which slots into a bracket near the front seat – you can then turn the cab seats round to create an arrangement that works well for four.

There are two USB and main sockets adjacent to the kitchen, while a Webasto diesel heating system will ensure you don’t feel any chills when the weather turns.

We thought the Kampa LE had a sporty interior, with pull-up headrests provided on the two forward belted seats. If there are four of you touring, you can then swivel the front seats, ideal if you’re all eating together.

The living area in the Jobl Kampa LA, with the divider in place
The living area in the Jobl Kampa LA, with the divider in place

We did think a table that was just a little bit bigger could work better though.

Auto-Sleepers Air vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Kitchen

Decent storage is provided in the Air’s kitchen, with integral lighting ensuring it’s well-lit when you’re cooking in the evenings.

The kitchen in the Auto-Sleepers Air
The kitchen in the Auto-Sleepers Air

You’ll find a Dometic two-burner hob, while a grill sits beneath, as well as an adequately sized sink and a Dometic 45-litre compressor fridge. There are extra mains sockets and USBs in here.

The Kampa LE’s kitchen includes two mains sockets and USBs. We think you get a decent amount of storage in here, and, like the Air, you’ll find a two-burner hob and sink. It also includes a Dometic 45-litre fridge.

The Jobl Kampa LE kitchen
The Jobl Kampa LE kitchen includes an oven/grill

A difference between the two is that you get an oven/grill in the Kampa LE, while the Air only provides a grill.

Auto-Sleepers Air vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Sleeping

The raising roof is simple to operate in the Air, and there’s plenty of headroom on offer in the space which also provides a double bed. It’s simple to access, via a ladder. While there’s no night-time lighting provided, there are side vents. You can make up the other bed in the lounge, which is a good size.

The lounge bed in the Auto-Sleepers Air
The lounge bed in the Auto-Sleepers Air

The high-top bed in the Kampa LE is only really big enough for kids – it’s accessed by a ladder.

Two single beds can be made up in the main sleeping area. This is done by pulling out the seat base and then lowering the back. You then turn the front seats side on and plug the gaps with infill cushions. If you prefer a double bed, you have the option of sliding the seats together.

The double bed in the Jobl Kampa LE
The double bed in the Jobl Kampa LE

Auto-Sleepers Air vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Storage

If you lift the rear tailgate, you’ll find there are cupboards and a small wardrobe in the Air. Additional storage can be found beneath the seat base, while any bulkier items can go in the space provided when you move the sliding bench forward.

The Kampa LE also offers good storage too, with the kitchen coming with some good cupboards and shelving. The rear also provides a useful space for storing clothes.

Auto-Sleepers Air vs Jöbl Kampa LE: Washroom

Neither camper offers a dedicated washroom.

The Auto-Sleepers Air does include a cold shower at the rear of the van – ideal for washing down any muddy dogs – and there’s also a portable Dometic toilet which sits in a cupboard in the kitchen too.

Something to note with the Air is that if you slide the bench seat forward in the lounge, you run the risk of obstructing this. As a result, we’d recommend storing the portable toilet at the rear of the van once you’ve pitched up.

The Kampa LE has a bit of a different arrangement – it comes with an innovative divider which you can use to shut off the rear of the ‘van. In here, you’ll find a Dometic electric-flush toilet and a small stainless-steel handbasin, with a hot water supply.

The rear washroom area in the Jobl Kampa LE
The rear washroom area in the Jobl Kampa LE

Once you’ve finished using it, you can then slide the divider away.


Both of these ‘vans will provide you with an excellent base for making some wonderful memories. If you’re stuck between the two, a key consideration could be how you feel about the washroom arrangement – the Kampa LE’s innovative offering could make it more of an appealing prospect for some. The Kampa also comes with a combined oven/grill too, which could be attractive, as the Air only offers a grill.

However, the Air has plenty of excellent kit on offer, such as the electric step and the Thule pull-out awning, while the integrated awning light is another great touch. It also provides users with plenty of storage and feels surprisingly spacious inside.

We’re big fans of both of these campervans, and if you’re looking for a vehicle to tour in as a couple, with the occasional guests staying over, these are both well worth considering.

You can find out more about both campervans in our reviews of the Auto-Sleepers Air and the Jöbl Kampa LE.

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