Having a full-size cover will offer your ‘van some useful protection from the elements, adding years to the life of your motorhome. After choosing one, you’ll then need to know how to fit your motorhome cover, which is where this guide comes in.

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When you come to fitting your motorhome cover, you’ll ideally need a dry day and two people to fit it, because a full one is large, awkward and heavy. Try to avoid fitting the cover with any moisture or dirt on the ’van, or the inner surface of the ‘jacket’.

First, remove the main cover from its bag and lay it out, exterior down, in front of the vehicle. Position it with the front end of the cover next to the ’van’s front bumper.

You’ll need a couple of extendable poles to make fitting easier. Costing around £12 each, they are available from online retailers, DIY stores, or cover manufacturers.

Pole slotting into corner pocket
Poles slot into the corner pockets on your cover to facilitate handling

Extend the pole so that when you reach up, it’s long enough to lift the cover over the highest point on the motorhome roof.

Now slot the ends of the two poles into the small corner pockets on each side, at the end of the cover furthest from the ’van. In unison, raise the cover up above head height, and then walk to the back of the motorhome, ensuring that you lift it high enough to clear any roof furniture. Once you reach the back, carefully pull the cover down and adjust the fabric.

Next, make sure the hook-and-loop door panel is fully sealed.

Finally, fit any adjustable straps around the corners and feed the side straps under the motorhome to the clips on the opposite flank. All of the straps should be tightened, but care must be taken not to stretch or stress the cover fabric.

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