iPhone and iPad users looking for a low-cost sat-nav app to see them through the Xmas period would do well to check out new version of Skobbler’s ForeverMap.

Available for £1.19 for a limited period (£3.49 thereafter), ForeverMap 2.0 has a host performance improvements compared to the previous version of the app, including faster map navigation and route-planning.

As with the previous version of the app, ForeverMap 2.0 stores mapping data locally, so there’s no need for potentially costly 3G data downloads when on the move. This version also adds the ability to uninstall unwanted maps for European countries to reduce the amount of storage space it takes up, though.

Since it relies upon OpenStreetMap data supplied by users for free, ForeverMap 2.0 is more prone to mapping errors than costlier apps that use commercial data, but you can submit your own corrections to help improve navigation. The price also makes it a good supplement to the iPhone’s own Google Maps app for those times when you need to get around without internet access, although that will change if Apple and Google roll out the new Maps 5.0 app for the iPhone and iPad.

[ForeverMap 2.0]