If you’re struggling to find the best motorhome fan for you, we’ve rounded up some great all-rounders to keep your space comfortable.  Whether you’re kitting out your conversion or updating your motorhome, these fans are easy to use and install.

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How do I choose the best motorhome fan for me?

First things first, how much space are you working with? The kind of fan you’ll need will depend on the size of your motorhome. If you’ve got a large vehicle, you might be more concerned by the power of the fan. These models come in at around 5kg and are powered by 12V so should deliver enough ventilation to keep your motorhome temperate.

The best motorhome fans: our top picks

We’ve compiled this list with budget and ease in mind. You’ll be able to fit them all yourself and the 12V power systems mean they can be be hooked up to your leisure battery without draining it. Most models offer bidirectional airflow to keep your motorhome cool and fresh.

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Streetwize Twin Cyclone Fan 

If you want a straightforward motorhome fan, look no further than this cyclone fan. It’s a cheap and easy but surprisingly effective solution for ‘van ventilation. The twin design blows air in two directions and you can control the oscillating fan heads by rotating them. Powered by a 12V cable, it can be plugged into your motorhome or used with a 240V mains plug cable (sold separately) so you can use it at home when you’re not on tour. For a small fan, it offers good exhaust ventilation and can be mounted on any surface depending on what you need.


Caravan Roof Vent 

This 4-speed model offers exhaust and inhale air flow options along with remote and manual controls. The built-in rain sensor will stop your van getting wet by automatically closing the lid when it senses a drizzle. Working on a brushless fan system, the unit runs with reduced noise and improved motor life. The 12V device can be wired into your motorhome with ease and you won’t have to worry about it draining your battery: it has a maximum load current of 4a and 40 watt power so it has a good output without using too much juice. The 14×14” unit is straightforward to fit and will operate even when the lid is closed, through the permanent side vents.

Maxx Air 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe 

The most expensive on our list is this sleek model from Maxx Air. The only slanted-lid fan of our line up, the design is well prepared for a sudden downpour and you can keep it up on the road. Using a combination of a rain shield, fan and vent, this uni keeps your motorhome comfortable and fits into standard 14”x14” standard roof openings. It’s great for bigger spaces, offering 900 cubic feet per minute of ventilation and has both exhaust and inhale functions. You can more accurately control the temperature using the built-in thermostat and the 10 speed settings give you plenty of options. It can be operated with a remote control or manually and the 12” fan is powered by a 12V motor.

12” Caravan Roof Vent 

With a brushless 12” fan, this fan is efficient and easy to use. The fan design reduces friction, making it smooth and quiet. The sturdy mesh cover is removable by magnets which makes cleaning the fan easy. With exhale and inhale ventilation and a reliable rain sensor, you can rest assured that this fan will keep your motorhome comfy and dry. Operated via remote or manual controls, the fan is powered by 12V and can be hooked up to your battery without draining it. The model offers 4 speeds and is simple enough to fit yourself while giving a professional result.

Voice Control Caravan Roof Vent Fan 

This 14×14” fan uses bidirectional airflow to keep your motorhome at a nice temperature and full of fresh air. Using a built-in rain sensor, the lid of the fan will close in a shower but the side vents will maintain ventilation. The unit will fit into a standard roof opening and is equipped with an efficient 12V motor which won’t drain your battery or cause too much noise. You can control the fan manually, with the included remote control or with voice commands, an added bonus if you’ve misplaced the remote and can’t be bothered to get out of bed! 

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