Auto-Trail has 16 campervans and 26 motorhomes in its impressive range. As if that vast choice wasn’t enough, you can select from 150 options to create a leisure vehicle that’s absolutely perfect for your needs, and quite possibly unique!

With over 40 years of experience in building ‘vans, Auto-Trail has grown into one of the UK’s best motorhome manufacturers. It recently launched its Auto-Trail Refresh scheme, which aims to return old ‘vans from the maker to their former glory.

From its earliest ‘boxy’-but-brilliant Mercedes-based vehicles, Auto-Trail has evolved and adapted, to create a portfolio of sleek leisure vehicles that combine comfort, safety and practicality with a high level of style.

Take Auto-Trail’s Expedition C63 as a great example. This four-berth/four-seat model is based on Fiat’s brilliant Ducato Series 8, with it’s torquey 140bhp turbo diesel engine and six-speed ‘box. Of course, Auto-Trail gives you the option to individualise your C63 with a 180bhp engine option and nine-speed auto gearbox.

This small motorhome has a large lounge that converts into a huge double bed, plus a well-equipped kitchen and a washroom with shower towards the rear.

At the top of the range is the sensational Grande Frontier GF-88, a decadent A-Class motorhome with the sort of interior you might expect to find in a bijou Knightsbridge apartment. This four-berth ‘palace on wheels’ has a large leather-clad lounge area at the front (ideal for entertaining), with a well-appointed kitchen amidships and astonishing en-suite, island-bed sleeping facilities at the rear. It’s a class act, which reinforces Auto-Trail’s reputation for quality and style perfectly.

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