[tl:gallery index=0 size=280×420]If you thought changing the clocks from BST to GMT at the weekend was confusing, spare a thought for the poor iPhone.

Like many smartphones, the iPhone was able to automatically turn its own internal clock back an hour at 2am on Sunday morning, but it didn’t seem to realise that it needed to make the corresponding adjustments to its separate alarm clock settings.

As a result, iPhone owners (including this one) across the country who rely on their gadget to get them up for work got to enjoy another extra hour in bed this morning — albeit at a time when they should have been up and about

The problem appears to be a bug that causes the Clock application to not update its alarms to GMT alongside the main system clock, which means they’re all still set to BST as of this morning.

As a result, an alarm set for 7.30am won’t go off until 8.30am — despite what the alarm setting actually says.

Until Apple comes up with a fix (which we doubt it will do by tomorrow morning), the easiest solution is to delete all existing iPhone alarms and recreate them from scratch — simply editing them won’t work.

And, if an alarm goes off at an unexpected time this morning, remember that the iPhone is running an hour late, regardless of its clock setting.

This bug only appears to affect the most recent version of the iPhone and iPod Touch software (iOS 4.1), although some owners reckon that their gadgets still woke them up as usual.

Update: Engadget is reporting that deleting and re-setting alarms only works under some circumstances and certain repeating alarm settings will still run an hour late. So, it looks like you’ll need something else to wake you up tomorrow morning…