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It's fitted as standard to all 2017-season Swift motorhomes and promises a new level of control when touring, but what is Swift Command? We take a look

When browsing motorhomes for sale, glancing through spec sheets, you can expect to see the odd bit of lingo or 'brand speak' that you don't understand and that needs further investigation. And if you see 'Swift Command', we think it's worth taking notice. Why? Read on!

From the 2017 touring season, all Swift motorhomes come with the manufacturer's really rather ingenious Command system. It lets users control vital functions on their ’van remotely, from their smartphone or tablet.

It was launched at the NEC show back in October 2015, and was initially offered on Swift’s Kon-Tiki and Bolero motorhomes.

But it's not some super-techy innovation to baffle all those without a degree in computing. It's refreshingly simple to use and could bring meaningful benefits to your touring.

How does it work?

Central to your motorhome's electrical system is a box that's located in the garage or maybe in a locker. This is connected to the control panel that you're likely to find over the habitation door by a data link.

In Swift motorhomes, the main box is the Sargent EC600 series which links to the new Command control panel using a CAN two-wire data bus.

There's also the EC640 communications module, which permits you to access all the functions on your ’van's control panel from your smartphone or tablet. When you buy this module, you get a pre-paid SIM card (for three years).

The remote connection can use your mobile phone's network, or you connect via Bluetooth.

What does it do?

Or, perhaps more accurately, what can you do with Swift Command? Well, fans of year-round touring will be delighted to know that thanks to this innovation, you'll never need to return to a cold ’van ever again!

Using the Command app you can set timers for your motorhome's heating up to a week in advance. Or you can control the lights and the water pump. Or check your ’van's service history. Or check its precise position on a map. You can also monitor the battery charge status and fluid levels.

You can even use your smartphone to set maximum limits for your mains-power consumption. So, for example, if you are pitched at a site with a 6A limit, the system will temporarily switch off loads such as the heating when you put the kettle on. Clever, eh?

You can also view your account and system settings, refer to the user manual and visit the Swift website all from this app.

Thinking outside the app

It's not just motorcaravanners who will benefit from the introduction of Swift Command – Swift will, too. Why?

It means Swift can track any ’van equipped with this system, to establish where it is, to alert owners to recalls and so on.

Given this level of communication, it is clear that the possibilities of the system are only limited by the imagination of the software engineers.

What about other systems?

Truma has a similar system, called iNet. This module connects to the heating and air-conditioning via TIN BUS, and to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the mobile network.

Truma plans to extend the range of equipment that’s controllable via iNet to include levelling systems, and perhaps even fluid-level sensing.

To use iNet you’ll need the Truma iNet box, a suitable smartphone, and a mini SIM card with its own number.

For another option, you can also read our guide to fitting Smart Control for Alde’s 3020 heating to your motorhome.

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