IF YOU’VE JUST acquired a motorhome, it can be very useful to join an owners’ club. Their websites offer support, advice and information via forums.

They might provide access to user manuals for particular models, from the manufacturer or through other club members, or they might have a technical library and be able to supply paint codes should a retouch job be needed.

They can offer a conduit to buy or sell vehicles or accessories, and they can often obtain discounts for certain products or insurance.

Some will be able to arrange factory tours with manufacturers, but most of all, they offer a means by which you can meet like-minded owners at the regular rallies and events, such as motorhome shows, held in the UK and Europe. Meeting up with other owners can be reassuring if you are new to the motorhome life.

The annual membership fee will be in the region of £20 and you will need to check with the individual club the dates that this starts and ends. Some clubs state that the membership finishes at the end of the calendar year no matter when it began, while others stretch the membership if you joined after September, say, to the end of the following year.

Most clubs publish a list of events in the members’ section of their website or via a newsletter or magazine. It can be a great way to meet new friends and share new experiences, and you can get even more involved if you become a marshal at organised events and rallies.


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