LE VOYAGEUR IS another brand celebrating an anniversary, in this case, its 40th. To mark the occasion, its 7.8 and 8.5 CF and GIF models are available as special anniversary editions, with exclusive embroidered leather upholstery and a gift pack.

The beautiful interior of the anniversary special edition to celebrate 40 years of Le Voyageur

Anniversary editions come in Le Voyageur’s Dune furniture finish, but for 2021, all models are also available in a darker, warmer Riviera finish. The cab has a black carpet and imitation leather dash, and settees have been upgraded with new skirting and two-tone backrests.

Embroidered leather upholstery in the anniversary special edition

This year, all Classic models come with a 210Ah lithium battery, 1800W inverter and 175W solar panel as standard.

Le Voyageur: A quick history

Le Voyageur’s founder, George Sacier, had a vision to design a motorhome that would be capable of taking you “as far as your desire to conquer the world extends”.

He wanted to base all of his vehicles around four pillars: durability, autonomy, security and comfort. That was 40 years ago, and for the past 20 years, Le Voyageur has carried on that ambition under the ownership of the Pilote Group.

Pilote acquired it at the start of the century, around the same time as the equally upmarket niche brand RMB. The group also owns Frankia and Danbury.

Le Voyageur is particularly well known for its larger, very spacious, liner-style motorhomes, although you can get a Le Voyageur that is less than 7m long. A couple of seasons ago, Le Voyageur became the first A-class manufacturer to produce a motorhome with all-round 360º vision.

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