MILENCO BEGAN IN 1993, with the initial aim of becoming the best wheelclamp producer in the world. Since that time it has grown hugely in size, and these days it is the largest producer of towing mirrors in the world.

It is also the only manufacturer of Hitchlocks that have been awarded every approval possible, including Sold Secure, TNO, KIWA, SCM, SKG-IKOB, SBSC and SSF. Milenco’s wheelclamps and hitchlocks are manufactured in the UK, at a production facility in Milton Keynes.

In the recent Practical Motorhome Awards, it was a Milenco product that won the Best motorhome gadget category – the Milenco BC lock. This is what we said about the product: “There’s no question that vehicle security is increasingly important – they are expensive vehicles and vulnerable if not protected properly. Fortunately there are companies like Milenco out there, building top-quality, fit-for-purpose security products. The judges of the Practical Motorhome Awards were impressed by the robust build quality and design of the BC lock, which encases and locks the brake and clutch pedals, rendering them inoperative. This is the only pedal locking device on the market that is both Sold Secure Gold approved (the highest security rating) and recommended by the Police. Those endorsements are not surprising given the excellent performance of this innovative piece of kit. Definitely a product to be considered.” Price: £79.99

Other products offered by Milenco are levelling ramps, steps, security fixtures and fittings, and much more.

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