EVER THOUGHT ABOUT getting an ebike? Well, perhaps you should – they make the perfect accessory for people on tour, providing you with easy access to the great outdoors.

If you need to pick up a few groceries while you’re on site, no need to take the van – just jump on the ebike. They make life a lot easier when you’re pedalling and are a great option, whatever your fitness level or type of riding.

Your ebike, your choice

Go further, for longer on easy trekking days
Go further, for longer on easy trekking days

Haibike offers a range of ebikes, from electric mountain bikes on which you can scale heights and dominate descents, to super-hybrids for a range of terrains.

Whether you plan to use your ebike for mountain trails, leisurely weekend rides or the daily commute to work, there’s an electric bike that matches your needs.

A Haibike is also great if you’re nervous about how far you can ride, or whether it will be too hard to get up the hills.

For fitter riders, a Haibike will allow you to go further and cycle harder, and if you want to make your ride more of a workout, you can simply turn down the assistance level, so that you will be doing more of the work.

Ebike myth busting

Upscale your cycling adventures with a Haibike electric bike
Upscale your cycling adventures with a Haibike electric bike

An ebike won’t do more for me than a normal bike

Yes, it will! It allows you to go further, faster and up hills that you might have had to walk up before. They are great for exploring, allow you to go anywhere you would on a normal bike, and are a superb way to get to work.

It’s just like a motorbike

No, it isn’t. There is no throttle on the handlebars – instead, the ebike senses how hard you are pedalling and gives you extra power to help you along the way. You can select how much extra power the bike provides for you, using a bar-mounted control, and the motor cuts out at 15.5mph – you always retain control It’s also really quiet, even when you’re using full power to get up a hill.

It won’t have enough range

That really depends on a few things – including how fit you are, your riding style and where you are riding. On flattish roads, if you’re reasonably fit, the bike’s high-capacity batteries might take you to up to 100km. If you’re riding uphill using a high power setting, you’ll probably get a third of that, but this still gives you two hours-plus of riding – plenty of time to get somewhere.

It will take ages to recharge

Haibike’s batteries will give several hours’ range. It is rare to use all of the battery capacity, and if you do, it takes between three and four hours to fully recharge. But an occasional top-up is quicker and will get you back on the road sooner.

Ebikes are heavy

An electric bike is a few kilos heavier than a normal bike, because it is fitted with a battery and a motor, but not so heavy that you can’t move it around and load it onto a ‘van – in fact, it’s no more difficult to park and store than a normal bike.

It’ll be hard to maintain

An ebike is no harder to own than an ordinary bike – you’ll need to keep it clean and lubricate the chain and the gears, and keep the tyres pumped up. But neither the motor nor the battery require maintenance, and most bike shops will be able to service them for you.

An ebike is cheating

Who are you cheating on? You’re not cycling in a race and if using an bike means you get to places more easily and more enjoyably, what’s the problem?

Caravan and Motorhome Club members offer

Are you a member of the Caravan and Motorhome Club? Haibike has a partnership with the Club, which means that members receive an exclusive discount across selected models within the Haibike range.

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