PILOTE IS REARRANGING its spec offer for the 2022 season, so buyers essentially have two choices: you can go for an Expression model, and add what you like to it from a large selection of options and packs.

Alternatively, choose one from Pilote’s Evidence range: best-selling models that come with a set list of extras which you can’t add to.

This new system replaces the Essential and Sensation spec levels which the French manufacturer has been using for the past few seasons.

Basic Expression models are cheaper than their Evidence counterparts, but will cost a little more once you’ve added the various packs – which we think most buyers will want to do, because they feature some tempting kit.

For example, there are two Lux Packs you can choose from if you go for an Expression model, giving you extras in the cab. Lux Pack 1 gets you a leather steering wheel, a technical dash and steering wheel controls. Lux Pack 2, meanwhile, gets you a 10-inch screen on the dash and GPS, and automatic air con. Models included in this season’s Evidence range – also available as Expression models – are the 7.2m-long island-bed 740FC, available as both a Galaxy A-class or a Pacific low-profile, and three further Pacific models: the 6.49m long island bed 650C, and two recently launched models with spacious end washrooms, the 6.99m-long 696D and the 6.2m-long 626D. In addition there is a new model, the 696U, also available in Expression. This 6.99m-long ‘van comes with a U-shaped rear lounge below a drop-down bed. In front is a sideboard with space above to house a 32-inch TV, and a forward-facing seat to make it easier to take off your shoes as you come in.

The generous washroom is spread across the ‘van in front of the habitation door, just behind the cab seats.

Select between Expression and Evidence specification on Pilote motorhomes for 2022
Select between Expression and Evidence specification on Pilote motorhomes for 2022

Pilote: A quick history

Founded as a caravan manufacturer in La Limouzinière, near Nantes, by Andre Padiou in 1962, Pilote moved into motorhome production in 1978, with his brother Philippe in charge. It has since grown to become one of France’s largest motorhome manufacturers, working across more than one site. It has spread its wings by acquisition, too, taking over Germany’s Frankia in 1990 (and greatly helping to promote that company’s innovation of the double floor) and Le Voyageur and RMB 10 years later.

Its Bavaria brand was launched by Frankia but is now mirrored on Pilote’s A-class Galaxy and low-profile Pacific ranges (rather as Compass currently is with Elddis in the UK), but with different interiors.

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