MAJESTIC MAY BE one of the motorhome brands most commonly seen on British roads. But that’s partly because it’s a special edition range produced by Erwin Hymer Group UK for Marquis Leisure, England’s largest motorhome dealership network, currently with 13 branches spread across the country. Buy from one of these depots, and you’re never far from help if something goes wrong.

Some three-quarters of EHG UK’s motorhome production, in fact, goes on special editions, with Majestic taking up the lion’s share.

There is a Majestic model to match each model in EHG UK’s Elddis brand. Autoquest becomes Majestic Coachbuilt, Accordo is Majestic Compact and Encore is Majestic Premium.

They have the same number suffix as the original Elddis vehicle. This means that for this year, there isn’t much change in terms of layouts – just a slight tweak to the Majestic 155, which now comes on Peugeot’s longer L3 chassis, so has room for a large wardrobe.

But with each Majestic special edition model, you also get all sorts of goodies included in the price, over and above what you might find in standard Elddis. And that starts with a much more powerful engine. All Majestic models run on Peugeot’s 160bhp engine, compared with the 140bhp that comes as standard with the Elddis model. Then you also benefit from car air conditioning and cruise control, touchscreen DAB radio and a rear-view camera. Outside, you will find barbecue and shower points, while on the roof, there is a solar panel.

As you might expect, inside the ‘vans, exclusive upholstery sets these models apart from the run-of-the-mill. Best of all, you get a year’s free insurance thrown in when you buy one of the Majestics.

Majestic: A quick history

Majestic is a suitably fitting name for a range supplied by a company called Marquis. The dealership network grew out of one depot in Hampshire, and has since become the largest motorhome dealer network in the country, selling both motorhomes and caravans, but with more focus on the former.

Alongside its own exclusive Majestic range, it also has exclusivity on two Continental brands that it imports – Spanish Benimar, including Benivan van conversions, and Italian A-class producer Mobilvetta. That’s partly because both of those brands are in the Trigano Group, which is Marquis’s ultimate parent company.

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