Trigano should be familiar to most motorcaravanners, because the French mega-group owns a huge swathe of motorhome brands and is adding to them all the time.

It’s possibly less well known for awnings, even though it has made them for several years.

In fact, its awnings, formerly known as Eurovent, are now the only products that directly bear the Trigano name.

The profile of Trigano’s motorhome awnings should start to grow this year, however, because they’re now being sold into the UK via Manchester-based Grove Products.

The whole range has also been given something of a revamp, including this new flagship motorhome awning.

What’s new with these motorhome awnings?

The awning uses Trigano’s Air Camp system. This has interconnecting inflatable tubes that you pump up individually.

That may seem laborious, but in our test the awning was pretty well set up in about 20 minutes.

This also means that, if you suffer any damage, you only have to repair individual pods and not the whole pole.

Once up, the awning keeps a good shape.

The Trigano Hawaii XL Motorhome awning’s fixing height should fit most coachbuilts.

The other model in the range, the Hawaii S, has the same footprint, but a smaller fixing height (and a more rounded roof shape) better suited to camper vans.

The awning comes in a 300-denier ripstop polyester coated in ultra-resistant polythene, with a 5000mm hydrostatic head.

In contrast, the Recife – the model it replaced – was made from 210-denier plain polyester.

Safe and secure

The poles are designed to stand on their own without the need for any straps at the bottom, thus reducing potential trip hazards.

To keep the roof taut, you get three roof poles. There’s also an optional roof lining.

Mosquito nets can seal off both access doors on either side of the awning.

As for attaching it to your ’van: this inflatable motorhome awning can be fitted with a drive-away kit or suction pads.

The front door can be lifted with two conventional poles and two guys, to provide an attractive canopy.

All of the guy ropes are fluorescent, to help you spot them at night.