Let’s hear it for the short stuff. It’s only in recent years, after all, that 6m has been considered a ‘normal’ length for a van conversion.

The 540 is the smallest in the Cliff range from Sunlight, at 5.41m. It’s not all change for 2019, but it has been spruced up and specified down. Previously, models were slightly quirky in their offerings (such as the larger, 120-litre fuel tank), so some subtle changes mean a lower starting price than last year.

However, there’s a bit of ‘buyer beware’ here. It starts at an eye-catching £37,499, but there are three package options: Basic, Chassis and Chassis Comfort.

You’ll need to research these for ourselves, but you might end up deciding that at least two are essential.

The example we’re looking at, from Lowdhams, has the first two, plus other extras, which take it up to £41,803 – slightly beyond the £40,000 price point at which I’d have said this was stunning value.