Big lounge, big beds – that’s the theme for Rapido A-classes in 2019. The 880F is not strictly a new model for this season, but it has been stretched by some 10cm.

Inevitably, there’s a bit of a price stretch, too. As ever, the starting cost needs to be scrutinised. For example, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an 8F series Rapido without the £3,600 Select Pack – the usual bundle that’s too tempting to miss. You might want an engine upgrade from the standard 130bhp, too.

Comparing specifications and deciding exactly what you want is part of the fun of buying a motorhome, but layout is paramount.

We viewed this early example at Nottinghamshire-based Brownhills, one of seven Rapido dealers across the UK. Plus, it should be noted, a further 150 or so dealers are spread throughout Europe and beyond (there’s one in New Zealand, for example).