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This German ’van is coming to the British market, but will it suit touring families? Read our Eura Mobil Terrestra A 570 HS review to find out!


Eura Mobil’s frequent visibility on British roads must be a sign of customer loyalty, because the German company hasn’t had a dealer network in the UK for some years.

But Derbyshire-based dealership Geoff Cox is hoping to address the issue. The Eura Mobil models it is taking on for 2017 include this, the Terrestra A 570 HS, one of an all-overcab range.

Family buyers are said to be back in the market, so is this an astute move?


Judging on exterior looks alone, perhaps not. The Terrestra has the kind of front bulge that gave overcabs a bad name.

Its overall height of 3.19 metres doesn’t help matters much, either. But it’s tall because this is a fully winterised motorhome, complete with a double floor that holds both water tanks.

Having such a double floor makes it a climb inside. It’s a long way down, too: this would not be an entrance-way that would appeal to anyone feeling infirm.

Lounging & dining

Once you’re inside, you can push up the overcab bed to reach the cab. But what about any other passengers?

Well, they'll need to sit right at the back of the U-shaped lounge, behind the table. This means that very young children will be some distance away from the front seats. Adult-sized passengers may also not be too grateful, because the base cushion at this point in the ‘U’ isn’t the widest.

But once you arrive at your destination, this lounge has many plus points. Because it’s so high up, the windows on all three sides give you a great view.

The light doesn’t just come through the sides, either. Down the centre of the ’van is one large rooflight and three smaller examples.

At night you’ll appreciate the central light over the lounge, as well as the two directional and individually switched spotlights in the corner.

It’s great for dining, too. Seven people can easily sit around the pedestal table, thanks to the comfy corner cushions, and the cook won’t feel left out because the kitchen is so close.

However, because the cab seats don’t swivel, this is the only lounging area in the ’van. Two people could stretch along the sides of the U-shape, but any more might be a squeeze.

While speakers are included, our test model didn’t include a TV or bracket. Geoff Cox says that a TV can be supplied, emerging from one of the overhead lockers.

One last issue might be the décor. Eura Mobil doesn’t seem to have heard of jacquard, patterns or even fancy panelling, because all the surfaces inside here are absolutely plain. You do at least get curtain pelmets.


…The kitchen workspace is relatively modest, although Eura Mobil’s designers have made the most of it by pushing the three-burner hob to the back.

Underneath is a cutlery drawer and two large pan drawers, with a half-height shelf to one side. To the left of this is a 122-litre Dometic AES fridge, with a removable freezer. Two overhead lockers complete the picture.

There was no oven or grill fitted on our test motorhome, but we’ve been told that a small unit can be supplied.


However, if the cooking arrangements in this 2017-season Eura Mobil Terrestra A 570 HS are a little compromised, the sleeping arrangements certainly aren’t.

The overcab provides an enormous double bed, and comes with two reading spotlights, two windows and a large rooflight.

You climb up to the area via a wooden ladder and you even get a bedside table (of sorts) on the washroom roof.

Even with all those cushions, making the rear bed out of the U-shaped lounge and the table is easy: only the corner cushions need to go in one way.

With all the backrest cushions removed, the bed is huge. You could even leave all the backrests across the back of the ’van up during the daytime and have a 1.32m-wide day bed.


The central washroom of the Eura Mobil Terrestra A 570 HS is very well equipped. For a start, there’s a large shower cubicle and a shower with a usefully long hose.

There are two duckboards, too: one for the shower and one for the rest of the washroom.

Alongside the small sink and plastic vanity unit, you’ll find a toilet with an SOG unit – unusually this is fitted as standard.


The lockers here have stickers where you would expect to see knobs, however, and it’s a bit odd to find a mains and 12V sockets inside one when such sockets are in short supply elsewhere.

Those small niggles aside, storage in this ’van is excellent. The unlit garage at the back isn’t tall enough to hold a bike upright, but you could probably lay one sideways.

You get internal access of sorts, too, by lifting the settee bases in the U-shaped lounge. There’s another large locker across the middle of the ’van, while the internal step at the door lifts up to give you access to the fuse box.

Clothes storage space includes a large and almost full-height wardrobe, as well as six big overhead lockers around the lounge, four of which are shelved. All come with positive locking.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)148
Fresh/waste water150L / 100L
Leisure battery80 Ah
Gas tank size11kg
Number of gas tank compartments2
Kitchen Equipment
3-burner gas hob


With a panoramic lounge and oodles of storage, this coachbuilt motorhome seems ideal for a family.

You might be compromised on the cooking front, and the basic interior décor and overall height of the Eura Mobil Terrestra A 570 HS may not be to everyone’s taste.

However, the good level of winterisation and huge beds will appeal to other buyers.

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  • The U-shaped lounge is comfy, very accommodating and flooded with light
  • Both double beds are a good size
  • It is fully winterised, with a double floor
  • Storage is great


  • The kitchen is quite small and basic
  • The travel seats are a long way from the cab