For many seasons, Adria has offered two similar low-profile ranges. The main difference between the two is that while the Matrix includes a drop-down bed, the Coral dispenses with that and has a larger rooflight. For 2021 both have had a revamp, at least in Plus and Supreme spec. While there are no new layouts, we wanted to see what this refresh means for the four-berth Adria Matrix Supreme 670SL.

Most changes are on the outside; notably, the new front profile includes a sunroof that is 15% wider.

The rear panel is sleeker, and has a three-piece bumper (easier to repair) and an LED light cluster designed exclusively for Adria by Hella.

Exterior updates include a sleek rear panel, a three-piece bumper and an LED light cluster designed exclusively for Adria by Hella

The height of the whole motorhome has been raised by 7cm so you need to use the roll-out step to get in, and you might find the driving experience a little more disturbed by windy weather (but it’s unlikely to be a problem with Fiat’s 140bhp engine fitted as standard).

The redesign means the Matrix now comes with a technical double floor running pretty much from the cab to the rear panel. Adria has made use of this by moving the fresh-water tank from the rear to a position over the axles, increasing stability. The tank is also bigger, at 115 litres.

Adria is including a square locker just forward of the cab door – somewhere to stash the hook-up cable and other essentials. The hook-up connection is in here, with the exterior connection.

Locker by hab door to store the hook-up cable and essentials

The Matrix includes a drop-down bed, of course, so the impact of the new larger sunroof is not as dramatic as it would be in the Coral. But it still makes a difference  and in the Matrix this sunroof can be opened.

The bed has been redesigned, so it now fits more snugly into the ceiling, providing additional headroom in the lounge. It rises on a steel cord system, which is entirely hidden.

Drop-down bed is a good size and benefits from a rooflight above

The front lounge with the L-shaped dinette seat and side sofa looks sleek, with blue-grey upholstery and a darker wood. The handle-free locker doors and surfaces, including the pedestal table, are still white, however, and complement the large windows.

Adria has introduced a new stereo system, complete with a subwoofer, and speakers hidden in the ceiling. As a cost option you can have Adria’s remote control MACH app, which includes a user manual unique to your motorhome that you download via a QR code.

The rear section of the interior is relatively unchanged, although thanks to the new double floor, you have a flat floor surface throughout.

In the side kitchen you get the usual Adria three-burner inline hob across the back of the worktop, with an extractor fan, and a rectangular sink on the left. The area is well lit, with a Heki over the aisle, a large window and a strip light under the lockers.

Underneath are three large drawers and a Duplex combined oven and grill. There’s no room for a microwave, but you do get a 142-litre fridge.

The central washroom is split across the ‘van, with a sizeable shower on the offside and a room on the nearside that makes the most of the darker wood and includes a salad-bowl-style handbasin.

This layout means the toilet is on the same side as the awning would be, so you’d probably have to access the hatch for it from within the awning. The fridge vent and hook-up connection are both near here, too.

The bedroom has handle-free lockers and spotlights, and the generous beds are both 2.0m long. The drop-down bed is larger, too, at 1.3m x 2.0m.

Rear garage has a textile lining and some handy shelving

Storage is more than adequate, with overhead lockers and wardrobe space. The garage at the rear, which is tall enough to hold bikes, now comes with a textile lining and handy shelving.


Sleek interior includes front lounge with blue-grey upholstery and dark wood finish, brightened by white pedestal table and locker fronts

The improvements to the Adria Matrix Supreme aren’t game-changing, but do add to what was already a winning proposition. A Continental-style motorhome such as this is never going to appeal to those who favour the standard UK rear lounge, and having the hook-up point, fridge vent and cassette toilet all on the same side as the door, and close to it, is undoubtedly an unfortunate result of flipping the layout for the UK market. But if you use your motorhome more to explore than to entertain, this is certainly one that’s well worth a look.

The Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL impressed our judging panel at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022, as it won the best motorhome for families and the best motorhome under £80,000 categories, as well as being shortlisted for best 4-berth motorhome.

The model also features on our best motorhome round-up, where we select the top ‘vans currently on the market.

You can find out more about Adria by reading our guide to the best motorhome manufacturers.

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