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It's sophisticated, features an eye-catching layout and costs a sliver under £65,000 – don't miss our Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line MH-80 review


For the 2017 touring season, Marquis Leisure is taking things up a gear, offering a trio of new A-class motorhomes.

With the Benimar brand, the Marquis dealership network has a unique offering among new low-profile and overcab coachbuilts. Because its sister company is Auto-Sleepers, it has a foothold in van conversions, too.

Now it’s looking to add A-classes, by taking on three models from Mobilvetta. Who? Well, it's an Italian brand that – like Spain’s Benimar – is part of the Trigano Group, but that hasn’t been sold in the UK for a while.

Marquis has selected three models from the K-Yacht Tekno Line range of maritime-influenced A-classes, including this, the K-Yacht Tekno Line MH-80, the only one to feature a rear lounge.


The range’s black and white decals flow in sync with the curved front, to make the outside look modern. You also get 16-inch alloy wheels and a leather steering wheel.

However, Mobilvetta has gone for brown plastic infills on much of the dashboard – given how much real wood and wood-effect veneer there is in the rest of the interior, it looks a tad downmarket.

The ’van’s low chassis means that there’s no need for an external step, although there is one inside to allow for the double floor.

Lounging & dining

The Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line MH-80’s front lounge includes a large, L-shaped settee, a good-sized table that slides in all directions, and a side seat. But there might be some squabbling about who has to sit on the inner of the two rear travel seats, because legroom there isn’t generous.

They won’t want for entertainment, however. There are two USB sockets here, as well as an individually controlled light. Speakers beneath the drop-down bed should provide perfect sound for anyone sitting in the cab seats watching the TV over the rear travel seats.

The rear lounge is more exciting, and is the most yacht-like part of the motorhome. It’s not strictly speaking U-shaped, because the offside is taken up by a wooden shelf that you can lift up to gain access to the garage – doing so also reveals a second TV bracket, with a shelf underneath for your DVDs. Still, you can easily seat five or six people in here.

The table plays no part in sleeping arrangements, there being a drop-down bed here, too. But it can still be moved up and down, giving you either a coffee table, or a dining table – albeit one that you can only use two sides of.

Three large windows allow in plenty of light, and the designers have cleverly used mirrors on the undersides of the overhead lockers to bounce in even more, and there’s plenty of LED lighting, too.


In between the two lounges is an offside kitchen with a brilliant-white work surface and a large stainless-steel sink. Its cover can be clipped to the side wall to make a flimsy shelf. Although you only get a three-burner hob, the whole area is well lit.

Across the corridor – slightly further than you might be used to – there is a 150-litre fridge with a SMEV oven and grill above it.


With the manually operated front drop-down bed (which measures 1.86 x 1.36m) you get two individually controlled spotlights, as well as a large rooflight.

The electric rear bed is marginally larger, measuring 1.88 x 1.4m. But has no headboard, so you have to watch out for the windows.


To the front of the fridge and oven you’ll find a washroom that includes a separate shower cubicle – although the washbasin is situated within it. The shower comes with lights and a modern-looking showerhead. There’s also an extractor fan, so the two mirrors shouldn’t mist up.

The only slight surprise is that the shower door folds back to be held by a strip of Velcro – we’re not sure how long this will last.


The garage isn’t large enough for bikes, but there’s a useful side locker.

We also appreciated the way the catches for all external locker doors slip out of a solid housing, making them less likely to jam.

There’s one overhead locker with solid internal shelves in the front lounge. The large space under the side seat provides neat access to the battery beneath, but the space under the L-shaped seat is taken up by the water tank.

There’s a similar overhead locker in the kitchen, as well as a pan cupboard, large drawers and a wide shelf.

Finally, a large wardrobe between here and the rear lounge comes with a shelf that can be removed if you want to make it full-height.


One stand-out piece of equipment is the underfloor heating. Independent of the Truma Combi 6 blown-air and water heater, it works by an electrical current stirring up molecules in piped chemicals under the floor. But you don’t see any of this. In fact, there is a very neat finish to all of the ’van’s wiring.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)150
Fresh/waste water120L / 110L
Leisure battery105 Ah
Gas tank size13kg
Number of gas tank compartments2


Comparing the Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line MH-80 with rivals is tricky. Why? A-classes with a rear lounge, two drop-down beds and underfloor heating are practically unheard of!

The nearest comparison is with the Rapido 9094dF, but that starts at £72,500 with a 130bhp engine. The Mobilvetta, therefore, looks to be even better value.

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  • There's a super rear lounge
  • Not only is there underfloor heating, but it's neatly installed
  • You're getting a lot for your money


  • The space-saving washroom is rather compact

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