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The McLouis Fusion, available through Auto-Sleepers, marks another return to the UK for a Continental brand. We size up the longest model on offer.


McLouis is one of a number of motorhome brands that sounds British, but isn't. McLouis 'vans are actually built in Tuscany. 

But after a gap of several years, the brand has just started being sold in the UK again, distributed via Auto-Sleepers through some of its dealer network. 

The McLouis Fusion range comprises five models - all four-berths - that are priced similarly to the Benimar Mileo range, which Auto-Sleepers' sister company Marquis Leisure has been selling for three years. 

The McLouis models also come on the Fiat Ducato base, albeit with the 130bhp engine as standard, rather than 150bhp. We took a look at the 7.41m-long 379.


Aside from the impressive alloy wheels, there's nothing radically different about the exterior. Or the standard Fiat cab; although the pelmet above does include a handy cubbyhole on either side, complete with push catches on the doors - you won't need to worry about items falling on your head en route.

But you'll notice one major difference as soon as you step inside the main living area.

The pine-effect flooring is attractive and vibrant, especially under LED lighting, which this 'van has in spades. Carpet isn't an optional extra, but the flooring here looks good.

Lounging & dining

We were impressed by the pedestal table in the lounge: it is huge and can be moved out, so that even the person using the side seat won't have to stretch far to reach it.

If there are only four of you eating, you could also spread out a bit, so that you aren't squeezed together on the forward-facing seats.

The latter both come with full seatbelts, and there is another belt on the side-facing seat - it's a lap belt, though. We would have preferred to have seen a full three-point example.


The central kitchen provides a three-burner gas hob; pleasingly, there's also an oven, despite this being a Continental model. The 'van is well-equipped with an extractor fan and a 150-litre fridge, too.

The kitchen workspace and round sink are well lit, while the storage options include a good-sized drawer and locker on the left and another shelved cupboard with a pull-out basket, complete with push stop, on the right.


There is a mains and 12V socket on the bedroom wall next to the washroom, so you could fit a TV there. The bed itself is wide and comfortable, and has two spotlights to allow you to read with ease.

The position of the main TV bracket above the oven in the kitchen means that it could also be easily viewed by the occupants of the drop-down bed, which comes down clear beside it. TV viewing all around!

So there's lots of room for four, but the 379 will function equally well as a luxury two-berth: it's ideal for a couple wanting to tour in comfort.


The separate shower in the central washroom is wide and easy to get into. There's a light above to keep the area bright.

The handbasin over on the nearside has plenty of space around it and a huge mirror, lit by two LEDs. There's a mains socket in the overhead locker, so drying your hair should be easy. However, there are no towel hooks here.


Outside the rear bedroom, with its two wardrobes and cavernous space under the bed, the only clothes storage capacity is two overhead lockers in the lounge, one of which is a bit compromised by the housing for the bed.

However, the garage outside is capacious. Indeed, this space is also plenty high enough to take an upright bike, and it has easy-to-access doors, heating and lighting and, in addition, two cubbyholes.

Technical specs

LayoutRear island bed
Travel seats5
Engine (power)130
Fresh/waste water115L / 135L
External Options
Awning light
Kitchen Equipment
3-burner gas hob, Oven, Extractor fan
Separate shower cubicle


The McLouis Fusion's minimalist Continental style, particularly the floor, might not be to everyone's taste - although we love it. This 'van would make an ideal choice for couples wanting to tour in comfort but, with a huge table and garage, it's definitely roomy enough for occasional visitors, too.