The latest Practical Motorhome magazine is now in shops, ready to help you start planning new adventures for the new year. 

This month, we took our long-term Benimar down to Somerset for two very different city tours; find out how Claudia and Bryony got on in Bath and Bristol, and you’ll soon find you’re adding it to your ‘must visit’ list.

We’ve also got tours further afield; Marcus Leach hopped across to the continent for a tour in Austria, while Canada’s Rocky Mountains proved to be an epic fly-drive tour for Don and Sylvia Guy. Plus, we take a look back at our favourite County Counsel sites from the past year. 

We know you’re itching to see inside 2019’s ‘vans, too, so we’ve got plenty of reviews. Starting with the Kon-Tiki from Swift, and the new McLouis Fusion 379, the longest model in the range that Auto-Sleepers have brought across the channel. We also take a look around the Auto-Trail V-Line 634 SE and a new offering from Rolling Homes based on a Ford Transit Custom; the Rolling Homes Kingsley is a four-berth campervan that’s worth a second look. 

We’re not short on advice, either, with pieces about leisure batteries, the best tool boxes around, taking better photographs and more. 

For all of this and more, pick up your copy of the issue today.