Mobilvetta may sound and look Italian, and although it is Italian built, mamma mia, as with so much else in the motorhome industry these days, it is actually part of a much larger multi-national concern – in this case, the French-owned Trigano Group.

Despite such support, it had been largely absent from the UK market for most of the past decade, a result of the late-2000s financial crisis that saw the Italian motorhome market contract by as much as one fifth.

That was up until the start of the 2017 season, though, when the UK’s biggest motorhome and caravan dealer network, Marquis Leisure, keen to add an A-class brand to its portfolio, brought Mobilvetta back to British forecourts.

Don’t forget that Marquis is already enjoying no little success with Benimar, itself another Trigano brand.

So far, potential UK buyers have only seen three models from the brand’s K-Yacht Tekno Line, which, surprise surprise, has been designed to incorporate elements of nautical style.

Earlier this season, we tested the K-Yacht MH-80, which carries an innovative rear-lounge layout.

Now we’re taking the K-Yacht MH-85, with single beds in the back and a drop-down double bed over the dinette, for a spin through rural Northamptonshire and a thorough live-in test.