The GiottiLine range is new to the UK and is a new company, whose emphasis is on a high-quality finish and a super-stylish external appearance.

The Iveco 35C17 base vehicle is a serious piece of kit. It’s a close relative of the Fiat Ducato, sharing similar engines, but the Iveco is rear-, rather than front-wheel drive. The cab’s ergonomics are first class.

The forward-facing seat is sculpted, so passengers don’t face straight ahead as is the norm, pointing instead towards the centre of the windscreen for a better view of the road ahead.

The single-piece, pressed stainless steel working surface is a mini-work of art. It incorporates the sink, hob and entire working area in a single pressing and is breathtaking to behold. Practically, it’s a bit of a pain as you need to be scrupulous about cleaning the surfaces correctly if the lustre is to be maintained.

Putting such dull concerns to one side, however, and you can get excited at the build quality. The kitchen feels like one on a well-appointed boat, and has good storage space and a Dometic fridge. The SMEV hob is well matched to the rest of the interior, but there is no oven available. Still, if you can afford a ’van like this, you can afford the odd meal out.

The washroom is a curious shape, but it’s well thought out. The separate shower cubicle with a sliding solid door has good quality fittings and feels roomier than the average motorhome shower. The swivelling Thetford toilet is pretty standard, but a small window would have made the washroom feel brighter.

The overcab bed is huge, heated, and has a supportive mattress and is eminently suitable as the main sleeping area. The rear double bed is at a reasonable height, and its mattress is almost domestic quality.

Everything about the Giotti Line screams style, but a few minutes will convince you it is serious about being a motorcaravan, rather than a design studio show pony. The layout is unfamiliar and the quality of materials is more akin to a modern flat than a motorhome.

Whether its unconventional aspects will scare off buyers remains to be seen, but we’re sure that everyone who clambers aboard will be impressed.